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Douglas County School District uses a student information system called Infinite Campus (IC) to store student data. Schools use IC to report absences, gather enrollment information, track fees, manage grades, send messages to parents, and much more.

Parents can access select Infinite Campus information by establishing a Campus Portal account. Campus Portal provides parents and students real time grades, assignments and their due dates, attendance, district news, lunch balances, and other important information about student classes. For information on how to set up or access your IC Campus Portal account, please contact your applicable school(s) directly. If you have multiple students, you only need to have an account set up once; all students that you are a guardian for can be accessible via the same login/account.

I've forgotten my username and/or password; how can I find out what it is?

Account login issues can be resolved via two ways:

First, you can attempt to trigger a password reminder to the email address that you associated with your Campus Portal account. To do so, visit the login page, click on the Help button (lower right hand portion of sign-in box), and click on 'Problems logging in?'. Type in your email address and click on Send Reminder. If you receive an error that the system is unable to find a login account for that email address, then the email address you used is not associated with the account. If you see a message that the reminder has been sent to the account but you don't see the message in your email inbox, be sure to check your Spam/Bulk folder.

If you continue to have issues attempting to successfully log in, please contact your school directly, as they can verify identity and assist with resetting your login information. Please be aware that we cannot view your existing password; we can only reset the password. This is a security feature for your protection.

Can I access Campus Portal from my smartphone?

Absolutely; a native Campus Portal app is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Simply search the app store on your smart phone for Infinite Campus. Please review the details to determine if your device meets the app requirements. Also note, we are unable to assist with troubleshooting application issues on your device. Ensure that you have the correct district code when signing in (QKKYJL) and verify that your username and password work correctly for the Campus Portal via a web browser on a computer.

How can I make sure I receive notifications from my school and the district?

Douglas County School District and its schools are committed to providing parents timely and accurate communications, both in standard notifications of school events and news, and during critical emergency situations.

Please reguarly review your contact preferences within Campus Portal to ensure the correct email address and phone numbers are listed. To review and modify your Contact Preferences, visit the Campus Portal on the web (not via the Campus Portal mobile app), log into your parent account, and click on the Contact Preferences option in the left hand column. 

You can directly modify the email addresses on file; for phone number changes, please contact your school and ask to speak with the registrar to have those changes made.

Also select the types of communications you wish to receive on each communication method. We highly recommend initially selecting all options available for communications; if you feel there is an excess of communication to any of the selected options, you can always deselect them later. 

Can I access the Portal from a computer other than my home computer?

Yes. The Portal is Web-based and can be accessed from any computer with the above minimum requirements. For security purposes, when using the Portal on a public computer, always be certain to log out and close the browser when you are finished.

I had a Portal account issued to me from my other child’s school, do I need another account?

If you have a parent portal account set up through any DCSD school, you do not need to create a new account.

After I put in my 32-digit code, I typed in my username and password then a message came up that said this username already exists. What do I do?

Select another username and try again. There cannot be two users with the same username in the system. Remember usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If you are a DCSD employee and already have a Infinite Campus account please contact the Portal Manager at your school to get a username and login instructions.

When I go to the Portal address and type in my user name and password and hit Submit, it says Page not found. What do I do?

If your browser settings for privacy and security are set high, you may not be able to view the Portal information. Check your settings under "Tools" and "Internet Options".