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Healthy Schools


Kids playing gaga ball at Cherry Valley Elementary.

About DCSD Healthy Schools and the Whole School Healthy Child

The Healthy Schools department in DCSD believes that healthy and happy students perform better therefore they need the healthiest learning environment possible. In order to create these positive environments, we base our work on the Whole School, Community, Child (WSCC) model. Created and researched by Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ASCD, this model provides a framework on how to best meet the needs of the whole child through coordination of school professionals, families and the community. Our schools build School Health Improvement Plans (SHIPs) with the direction of our Healthy Schools Leads. These plans focus on one aspect of the WSCC model, such as increasing physical activity throughout the day, creating no idling zones, or inspiring student-led health teams. Our work spans across the Multi Tiered Systems of Support MTSS model, in hopes of reaching all students in DCSD. Ultimately, research proves that students who work in healthy learning environments do better academically, socially, and are more engaged.  Let’s make it happen together!


Parent Resources

A wheel that shows the various areas of a whole healthy child. Inside wheel shows the words Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged. The outer edge of the wheel has the following categories: Community Involvement, Health Education, Physical Education & Physical Activity, Nutrition Environment & Services, Health Services, Counseling, Psychological & Social Services, Social & Emotional Climate, Physical Environment, Employee Wellness, and Family Engagement.

Teacher & School Resources 

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Kids inside a classroom doing stretches and other exercises.

We provide assistance in all areas listed below and would love to help you in any way to bring health and wellness to your buildings.

  • Creating Healthy Schools Teams
  • Building School Health Improvement Plans (SHIPs) at each school that meets the needs of the culture and climate of each school.
  • Creating Student Led Health Teams
  • Mindfulness curriculum options, staff development, student workshops
  • Brain Booster Boot Camp for teachers
  • MindUp teacher training
  • Implementing Healthy Rewards/Snacks/Birthday Treat Policies
  • Increasing Physical Activity (PA) Before, During, & After School
  • Healthy Fundraising
  • Resource Lending Library for school wellness- please borrow our resources!
  • Great Body Shop Curriculum Health Education materials
  • Learning Landscapes Toolkit  Amazing playground game resource!
  • Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Theater Programs
  • American Heart Association Jump Rope for Hearts/Hoops for Heart, contact Morgan June for all details at morgan.june[at]heart[dot]org
  • Fuel Up to Play 60

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Healthy Schools
Kimmy Romine
Healthy Schools
Office number: 303-387-0029

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