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Dealing with Lice

Lice are seldom passed at school. The information below shows why that is not usually the case. the nurse consultants in conjunction with the school personnel, keep track of lice reports and if there is a situation where there are three cases in a classroom, or less with extenuating circumstances, the nurse will instruct the school to send a letter to other parents in the classroom. As a safety precaution, the classroom is vacuumed and any stuffed animals or pillows are put in plastic bags for 2 weeks to ensure any living lice will be killed. Teachers know to be on the lookout for students who appear to be scratching their heads and showing signs of discomfort. We do not check whole classrooms for lice as it is not an effective use of time and greatly upsets students.

A case of lice is considered a nuisance disease and is not dangerous. There are over the counter products that can be used to treat the condition and creme rinses that will help to release the eggs or "nits" from the hair follicle. If the lice are not gone after the shampoo process or return, a physician can recommend a prescription lice shampoo. Nits will remain until removed wit the fingers or combed out. The eggs are considered dead once the shampoo has been properly used.

Lice are generally passed by the use of others hair products or sleeping in the same bed, for example. they do not survive on their own, or jump and they need a human host to continue the life cycle. Having lice does not indicate an unclean environment, just an exposure to someone else with lice. If you child does have lice, checking the other family members is a good idea. You can check by looking near the scalp to see white, tiny hard eggs that have adhered to the head. They do not remove easily like dandruff or hair spray residue would. You may also see live tiny lice at the hairline and especially under the hair, at the neckline.

If you have further questions, go to, a non-profit agency, or any other medical site when you search for "lice".