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Graduation Information

Graduation from Douglas County high schools is a culminating event that results from the foundations built at the elementary and middle levels. Graduation is a collaborative effort among levels in a student’s school career. Each level of school and each staff member or parent/guardian who instructs or counsels a student shares responsibility for the ultimate ability of that student to demonstrate proficiency in the content standards and to meet the expectations for graduation. The high school diploma awarded by DCSD represents a high standard of quality in curriculum content, instruction, and student learning.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma and graduate from a Douglas County high school, a student must earn a minimum of 24 credits. A student attending a Douglas County high school using an accelerated block schedule must earn a minimum of 26.5 credits.  These academic requirements reflect the minimum program, which a student can complete and still earn a high school diploma. Specific subject/course requirements are outlined in the policies listed to the right.

New Graduation Requirements - Beginning with the Class 2021The Douglas County School District is committed to ensuring that every student is college and career ready. Beginning with the Class of 2021, students must meet four requirements in order to graduate and receive a high school diploma. 1. Create an Academic Plan Students will create and complete an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) and/or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that meets the District’s graduation requirements. Board Policy IKF – Graduation Requirements 2. Earn 24 Credits Students must satisfy all of the following requirements: a. 16 Credits in the following CORE Curricular Areas as follows • Language Arts 4.0 • Mathematics 3.0* • Science 3.0 • Social Studies 3.0 ** • Practical Arts 1.0 • Fine Arts 1.0 • Physical Education 1.0 *At least one of the three credits of mathematics must include Algebra **At least 0.5 credits must include Civics/US Government b. 8 Credits in Electives Board Policy IKF – Graduation Requirements 3. Perform Community Service Students must document a minimum of twenty hours community service while enrolled as a high school student. Board Policy IKFB – Community Service 4.  Demonstrate competence in English & Math Finally, students must demonstrate college and career readiness in both Mathematics and English by meeting or exceeding the required level of readiness in one of the following methods

Graduation Policies

IKF Beginning with the Class of 2012 Diploma and Graduation Requirements
IKF-R-1 Beginning with the Class of 2012 Diploma and Graduation Requirements
IKF-R-2 Beginning with the Class of 2012 Diploma and Graduation Requirements
IKF-R-3 Graduation Competencies (beginning with the Class of 2021)

IKFA Early Graduation