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The Rest of the Story: Full Day Kindergarten Tuition Change

At the December 11, 2014 Board of Education meeting, Directors voted by a margin of 7-0 to approve a change in kindergarten tuition.

Current State of Full Day Kindergarten Tuition (2014-15)

  • Schools receive full District SBB per pupil allocation for Kindergarten students
    • Currently $3,770
  • Schools also charge tuition for Full Day Kindergarten students
    • School-based decision to determine tuition rate
    • Varies by school and typically ranges from $3,500-$4,000 per year
    • Scholarships available for families based on need
  • The total per pupil allocation for a Full Day Kindergarten student exceeds the per pupil allocation for 1st-6th grade students
    • $3,770 (current SBBPA)+FDK tuition > $7,000/FDK student
  • Full Day Kindergarten tuition carryover amounts
    • Vary broadly
  • Current tuition rates based on market vs. actual costs
  • Questions in regards to community transparency of rationale for FDK tuition rates

Proposed and Approved Changes to the Determination of Full Day Kindergarten Tuition Rates

  • Fund Kindergarten students based on SBB per pupil allocation of .58
    • Consistent with state kindergarten funding allocation
    • Hold elementary schools harmless for the decrease in SBB to .58
  • Schools complete FDK budget worksheet to calculate actual costs
  • Tuition will not exceed 42% of state per pupil allocation plus override funding
    • $3,205

Desired State of Changes to Full Day Kindergarten Tuition Rates

  • Transparency of FDK actual costs
  • Hold harmless total elementary SBB pupil allocation
  • Minimize Kindergarten carryover
  • Lowest FDK tuition in Denver Metro Area
    • Current rates from $4000+
    • Several Denver Metro districts base FDK on sliding scale
  • Annual evaluation, refinement and implementation

Benefits of Full Day Kindergarten

  • Develops students’ academic, social and emotional growth
  • Curriculum depth (in all areas)
  • Limit transitions for students during the day (teacher and classrooms)
  • Early intervention essential to future achievement
  • Not intended to generate revenue for a school above and beyond actual costs of program


December 2014
BOE Proposal/Presentation

January 16
FDK Worksheets should be completed and ready to be viewed in the school budget folder

January 20-29
FDK Worksheets will be reviewed and approved by Elementary Directors

FDK tuition charge and calculation process should be reviewed with school SAC and communicated to the community

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