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Foundation’s new director has a full plate

Jason Christensen looks forward to Apple Awards, Love Our Schools Luncheon & new DCEF strategic plan
Apple Award nominations open Friday

CASTLE ROCK – There hasn’t been a lot of time for the new leader of the Douglas County Educational Foundation (DCEF) to get his bearings. 

Jason Christensen has only been in the job for six weeks and he’s already got a full plate, planning for the Foundation’s biggest events, including the 2015 Apple Awards.

He does, however, credit the staff for making his start a smooth one.  

"They have gone out of their way to bring me up to speed and walk me through our operations and event schedule. They do a great job and it's evident they love the work they do. I've been especially impressed with the efforts and outcomes of the Apple Awards,” Christensen said. 

Last year the DCEF received more than 7,900 Apple Award nominations for Douglas County School District (DCSD) employees.

“It really shows that people care for and appreciate their teachers, principals and staff,” Christensen said.  

Apple Award nominations will be accepted online through November 16, 2014.


During the ceremony, scheduled on February 21, seven Apple Awards will be given, including:
Elementary Educator
Secondary Educator 
Classified/Support Staff
Pre-K Education Award
Administrator Award
World-Class Education Award
Corporate Community Award

Christensen says he is impressed by the District’s effort to honor employees, as well as the humbleness of the award winners.

[Our teachers and support staff] do not expect accolades. This is a great way to recognize everything that they do,” Christensen said.

Christensen and his staff are preparing for​ several big events including the Apple Awards.​

In December they’ll host the second annual Love Our Schools luncheon, a fundraiser, which will in part raise money for DCEF’s Fill the Gap program, which gives Douglas County students the tools they need to succeed in class. Funds​ are also provided for technology and professional development at the schools.

Last year the Foundation distributed $490,000 in grants.

Additionally, Christensen will be working closely with the Foundation’s Board of Directors to build a new Strategic Plan for DCEF.

“Our goals will be inline with how we can support the District in its implementation of the DCSD Strategic Plan,” Christensen explained.

He also expects the Foundation to continue its work in supporting school-level fundraising.  

“I’m amazed. Last year the chapters in the District raised $4.8 million. That is unreal. School Districts across the country would be envious to have half of that,” Christensen said.

​To learn more about DCEF and how you can support the Foundation’s work, please visit​

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District News

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