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HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) Improvements

The HVAC improvement team of Operations & Maintenance is currently implementing a quality process to improve the level of service provided to our customers.

We have developed a multiple strategy action plan in response to recent customer data that explains that improvement is needed in that area.
One of our strategies is to encourage our key leaders at the sites to promptly report HVAC comfort complaints to the Operations & Maintenance office as soon as possible.
As always, this can be done through the work order system or in an emergency you can call 303-387-0400. Comfort emergencies are defined by problems that affect more than one occupied classroom/space such as a wing of the building or the whole building. This applies to areas that are fully conditioned (heating and cooling available).
In addition, we are working on other strategies that will have a positive effect on our ability to respond in a timely manner.
Comfort standards are difficult to define by temperature. We have done significant research on this standard and have adopted the following desired temperature ranges:
Winter (heating season)         70 degrees
Summer ( cooling season)     74 degrees
Both desired set points will have a plus or minus 2 degree tolerance.
Therefore any temperature below 68 degrees or above 76 degrees requires service response by our technicians. As we move forward with our action plan we will periodically update you on our progress. We sincerely thank you for your role in helping us to accomplish our goal to improve.