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    We believe in school choice, which is why we encourage families to choose the best educational fit for their students from our amazing variety schools—including neighborhood, charter, alternative, and on-line options.

  • Real-World Experience & College Credit

    The Douglas County School District offers many programs to not only get not only the skills, but also concurrent college credits, which can help set our students apart from the workforce, even before they get to university.

  • The Competitive Edge

    Douglas County knows that learning often happens outside the classroom. That is why we encourage our students to participate in authentic learning experiences during the school day and afterwards.

  • 21st Century Learning

    While many school districts equate technology to 21st century learning, DCSD's focus is not on the tools--it's on the kids. Access to iPads and laptops are just one way our digital natives learn the critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communicaiton skills they will need to succeed.

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We embrace school choice by offering a wide variety of pathways to learning. 

Our more than 80 schools include neighborhood, magnet, charter, online and home school options, as well as a diverse array of learning models like Artful Learning and International Baccalaureate.

School Registration Forms and Policies

Are you new to Douglas County School District? Need to register your children for school? Most new student registrations are done at your School of Residence, which is assigned based on each school's boundary map. If you are not sure which school your children should attend, please contact our office at 720-433-0095 and we can give you information regarding your neighborhood school.

Douglas County Believes in School Choice

We know that each child learns differently, which is why the Douglas County School District empowers parents to match students with their best learning environment. Learn more about our options when it comes to enrollment.

Required documents for Registration

  • Birth Certificate (State certified preferred)
  • Immunization Records Colorado Law
  • Proof of Residence (Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Property Tax Notice, Lease Agreement, County Assessor Page, Notarized Proof of Residency letter from the person you are living with if you are living with someone and your name doesn't appear on the proof of residency. A copy of their Proof of Residency must also be given at enrollment).
  • Transcript, Last Report Card, or Withdrawal Form (whichever has the most current grade information).

New Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration is completed at the neighborhood school.  Most neighborhood schools will conduct Kindergarten Registration for the 2017-2018 school year in January.  Please check your neighborhood schools website for further information, dates, and times.

student drawing on a smart board

Partnering With Parents in Selecting the Best Learning Environment for Each Student 

We embrace school choice by offering a wide variety of pathways to learning, including neighborhood schools, magnet, charter, online, and home education. We then empower families to find the best educational fit for their children.

Families who wish to enroll their student in a school other than their neighborhood school must apply for Open Enrollment during one of two open enrollment periods DCSD offers annually. 

New Kindergarten parents intending to enroll in their neighborhood school do not need to open enroll. Contact your neighborhood school for more details on Kindergarten registration details.

You must log in EngagED parent portal before 4:00pm on 12/15 to Accept or deny all offers

First Round Open Enrollment is now closed. Schools will extend offers of open enrollment based on space availability by December 7th. Parent will see offers in the tool (EngagED parent portal) after December 9th and will have until December 15th at 4:00pm, to log back in and accept any open enrollment offers. In the event you did not receive any offers during First Round, you will remain on a wait list for Second Round of Open Enrollment, which opens on January 22nd at 8:00am.

Click here to start Open enrollment

  • Click here for step by step instructions on how to use the tool - IMPORTANT - YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO USE A HANDHELD DEVICE OR IPAD TO OPEN ENROLL
  • First round open enrollment is not first-come, first-served; you have until December 1 at 4:00 pm to complete this process.
  • You may request that a confirmation email be sent to you after your request has been submitted.
  • Parents wishing to enroll their three & four year olds in district preschools do not go through open enrollment. Preschool registration will take place in early January. Follow this link for more information.
  • You can change your open enrollment request choices at any time until December 1 at 4:00 pm.
  • You can choose to have your choices emailed to you after you have completed open enrollment.
  • Schools will offer you an open enrollment slot, based on space availability.  You can log back into EngagED parent portal on or after December 9 to check on any offers you may have received.
  • You have until December 15th at 4:00pm to accept an open enrollment offer from a school through the EngagED parent portal.
  • If your open enrollment request is not accepted by any school, or you didn't log in and accept your offer, you will automatically be placed on the second round open enrollment waitlist, which runs from January 22 to August 1st.
  • Second round open enrollment is "first come first served." Students requesting open enrollment only in the second round are placed on the waitlist behind those that are currently on the waitlist from first round.
  • If you are open enrolled at a neighborhood school or attend a charter but would like to return to the neighborhood school associated with your address for the next school year you must file an intent to return form by January 8, 2018.
  • If you are moving within the district but would like to remain at your current school, you may do so my filing an intent to remain form at any time.

NOTE: This application does not support applying to DCSD preschools. The following Charter Schools will be utilizing the tool this year: Sky View Academy, Academy Charter School, Renaissance Secondary and Apex Community School. Please contact all other Charter schools directly to learn more about enrollment options for charter schools. For DCSD preschools click this link.

First Window: November 1, 2017 - December 1, 2017 Second Window: January 22, 2018 - August 1,  2018

DCSD Open Enrollment Windows

Round One: November 1 - December 1

Round One applications are accepted for the following school year on a space available basis. Waiting lists, which are prioritized according to Board of Education Policy JCA/JFB-R, will be created if the number of applicants exceeds space available at the requested school. NOTE: Round One applications are NOT "first come, first served," You may request open enrollment at any time up to December 1st. Round One applications are granted on a space available basis.

Round Two: January 22 - August 1

Applications during the second round are added to the prioritized round one list on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Douglas County School District's Open Enrollment process.

Q: What is Open Enrollment, and who can apply?

A: District policy states that any student shall be allowed to attend any school of their choice for which they are eligible on a space available basis, subject to district policy. Here are links to the Open Enrollment policies:



The first round window is open from November 1 to December 1. The second window is open from January 22 to August 1. Open Enrollment applies to the following school year.

Q: How do I request Open Enrollment?

A: To access the Open Enrollment Tool locate the Open enrollment button on the district website. The button will go live and will appear on November 1.

Q: What is the difference between the two windows?

A: Applications filed with the district in the first window will be notified of the results (application accepted, denied, or put on the annual prioritized list) by December 8th. Parents must then go in and accept any open enrollment offers made by schools by December 15th. Applicants not accepted during the first Open Enrollment period are automatically placed on the annual prioritized list and shall have priority over second round applicants.

Q: What is the annual prioritized list?

A: Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the space available in a school, applications are prioritized by grade level according to the priorities set forth in district policy. The annual prioritized list is purged on October 1 of each year.

Q: How will I be notified about the status of my application?

A: Applications filed with the district in the first window will be notified of the result through the open enrollment tool. Applications submitted during round 2 may receive notification through the open enrollment tool as well as an email at any time between January 22nd and August 1st depending on space availability at that school.

Q: How long is my application valid?

A: Your application is valid until wait lists are purged on August 2nd, all offers will be made by 8/1.  You will need to reapply each year during the Open Enrollment period.

Q: How does the second window work?

A: Applications received during the second window are time stamped and processed on a “first come, first served” basis. However, First Round Open Enrollment applications that were not accepted during the first Open Enrollment period are automatically placed on the annual prioritized wait list and have priority over second round applicants.

Q: How many schools can I apply for in Open Enrollment?

A: You can apply for up to four schools.

Q: What about charter schools?

A: Most Charter schools are a bit different, in that each charter school may maintain a wait list per grade, depending on the space available, and conducts a lottery each year for available seats. The Open Enrollment time frames also apply to charter schools, but each charter has its own enrollment policy. Contact the charter school directly for more enrollment and lottery information, with the exception of Sky View, Aspen View, Academy Charter School, Renaissance Secondary & Apex, as they are all using the open enrollment tool this year.

Q: What is my school of Choice?

A: Your "school of choice" is the school your student attends based on acceptance of an Open Enrollment or charter school application. Your "Neighborhood" school is the school that you are assigned to based on your residence address.

Q: My student attends our neighborhood school. Do I need to open enroll to stay at this school? What if we move within the district?

A: No. Your student will be enrolled at the neighborhood school throughout the years that school serves. If you move within the district, you may also elect to stay at this neighborhood school by filing an "Intent to Remain" form with the neighborhood school, per district policy.

Q: My student was open enrolled at a school other than my neighborhood school. Now my student wants to transfer to our neighborhood school. Do I need to open enroll my student?

A: No. an open enrolled student at any level may always return to their neighborhood school by filing a Notice of Intent to Return form by Jan. 5th to return for the fall semester of the next school year.

Q: My student is currently open enrolled at an elementary school. If we want to attend our neighborhood middle school, do we need to open enroll in that middle school?

A: No. Elementary students will automatically be enrolled in your neighborhood middle school.  Charter school students will need to file at that school an Intent to Return form.  If your student wants to attend a middle school other than your neighborhood middle school, you will need to open enroll in that other middle school.

Q: My student is currently open enrolled at a middle school. Do we need to open enroll in that middle school’s feeder high school?

A: No. Your student will automatically be enrolled in your feeder high school. If your student wants to attend a high school other than your feeder high school, you will need to open enroll in that other high school.

Q: My student is open enrolled at a middle school outside my feeder. Do we need to open enroll in our neighborhood high school?

A: No.Your middle schooler may attend your neighborhood high school by filing an Intent to Return form with that neighborhood high school. If your middle schooler wants to enroll in any high school other than that middle school’s feeder high school, or your neighborhood high school, you will need to Open Enroll.

Q: Can my student transfer to a different school during the school year?

A: Students may not change their assigned school during a school year or for the ensuing year after the Open Enrollment time period has expired unless they receive an approved administrative transfer. The student’s current school principal and the requested school principal must agree to the transfer.

Q: Can I open enroll my special education student?

A: Possibly. Requests from parents of special education students are reviewed in accordance with state and federal law. The student’s IEP will be reviewed by the school’s IEP team to determine whether the requested school can meet the student’s educational needs.

Q: We are new to the district, and moved here after the windows have closed. How does Open Enrollment work for new residents?

A: Families who move to Douglas County outside the Open Enrollment windows should fill out a New Student Choice Application. Contact your neighborhood school for the form. If the new student wishes to attend a school other than their neighborhood school, the New Student Choice Application should be submitted to the requested school. Applications are approved as soon as practicable if space is available. If no space is available, the student’s name can be added to the annual prioritized list.

Q: My student's middle school open enrollment application was accepted. Do I need to open enroll her for the feeder high school?

A: No. So long as your student wishes to attend the feeder high school, no Open Enrollment application or other form is required.

Q: Our open enrollment application was accepted. Do I need to open enroll my student each year at that same school?

A: No. Approved applications are valid throughout the grades served at that school.

Q: Is each child in a family required to apply for Open Enrollment?

A: Yes, the online application form must be completed for each child.

Q: What are the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) guidelines about transferring to another school?

A: Interscholastic eligibility may be affected if a student changes schools after the school year begins or if the student has practiced with a school team before the start of the school year. A student who transfers schools over the summer without a bona fide family move will have restricted eligibility for the first 50% of the regular season and may have varsity eligibility during the second 50% of the regular season. Additional information is available on the CHASAA website.

Q: What are the grounds for denying an Open Enrollment application?

A: An application will be denied if:

There is a lack of space or teaching staff;
The school does not offer appropriate or requested programs;
The school is not structured or equipped with the needed facilities for special needs;
The student does not meet eligibility criteria, such as age, prerequisites, etc.;
The student has already graduated from 12 grade or holds a GED;
The student has been expelled within the prior 12 months;
The student’s behavior was detrimental to health and safety in another district;
The student fails to comply with district immunization requirements

Q: Can I appeal a denial?

A: A parent can appeal an Open Enrollment denial by filing a statement of the grounds for appeal with the Director of Schools for that level within 5 school days of receipt of the principal’s decision. The Director’s decision will be communicated to the parent or guardian within 10 school days after receipt. The Director’s decision is not subject to appeal.

Q: If we move within the district, can we enroll immediately in our new neighborhood school?

A: Yes, you may enroll in the neighborhood school associated with your new address. Enroll as soon as possible after your move by contacting that neighborhood school. If you decide to remain at your current school for the remainder of the school year and then attend your neighborhood school associated with your new address, you must reach out to the new neighborhood school as soon as you move into your new adress to notify them you want to attend for the following school year.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Contact the Choice Programming Coordinator, Kristin Schmidt, at[at]dcsdk12[dot]org, or call 303-387-9506.

Open Enrollment

*Click Here for the Intent to Remain form (can be filed at any time) 

*Click Here for the Intent to Return form (must be filed by 1/5 (1/8/18 this year due to Christmas break) to return for the following school year)

New Kindergarten parents intending to enroll in their neighborhood school do not need to open enroll. Contact your neighborhood school for more details on Kindergarten registration details.

Parents wishing to enroll their three & four year olds in district preschools do not go through open enrollment.  Preschool registration will take place in early January. Follow this link for more information.

Eligible children must be five years of age by October 1, 2017.  Please check with your neighborhood school for their specific Kindergarten Registration requirements.  A registration packet can be downloaded from your school's website.  To complete your child's registration, take their completed packet to your school.  You will also need to provide your child’s certificate of birth, immunization records and your proof of residence (Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Tax Notice, Lease Agreement, Assessor Page, Notarized Letter from the person you are living with if you are living with someone and your name doesn't appear on the proof of residency.  A copy of their Proof of Residency must also be given at enrollment). For additional questions, please call the office of Elementary Education.

Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

Why did DCSD change the kindergarten entrance date to October 1?

The Douglas County School District Board of Education made the decision to change the kindergarten enrollment date based on the Colorado State Funding law for kindergarten students. The law establishes October 1 as a funding date for entering kindergarten students. The vast majority of school districts in the Denver metro area use the October 1 entrance date for new kindergarten students. The Douglas County School Board voted to do the same in November 2007 and revised policy JEB – Entrance Age. This policy can be viewed on the District website under Board of Education, Administrative Policies, Students.

Can I apply for a waiver for my child who misses the entrance date by just a few days?

There is no waiver process in DCSD for students who do not meet the entrance date for kindergarten. If children are advanced beyond the kindergarten level, once he/she is enrolled the following year, the school may consider using the Acceleration Process to advance a student to the next level.  If you believe your child would qualify as a highly advanced gifted learner, please refer to the process for "Early Access for Highly Advanced Gifted Children" on the Gifted and Talented page of our website.

Who makes the decision that a child cannot enter kindergarten prior to the entrance date?

The decision was voted on by the Douglas County School District Board of Education in November, 2007 after recommendations made by the District Policy Council and is upheld by building principals and Directors of Schools.

Can I enroll my child in first grade if they are six by October 1 and did not attend kindergarten?

According to policy, a parent may make that choice; however, it is not recommended.  Children would miss the foundation of learning in reading and math that prepares them for success in first grade. Students entering first grade in Douglas County School District are expected to be reading at a level 3 reading level. Without the pre-literacy and literacy skills, a student may begin school at a disadvantage.

What schedules are available for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten programming is half time and schedules are determined by each elementary school. Schedules may include a.m. and p.m. sessions, full day sessions or every other day options.  Tuition based, Full Day Kindergarten is offered at some sites.  Please inquire at your site for specific details.

What is the difference between Kindergarten Enrichment and Full Day Kindergarten?

Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) is offered through our Before and After School Enterprise (BASE) program, is staffed by BASE personnel, and is overseen by the District Coordinator of BASE.  Tuition rates average between $18-$24 per day, and are set by schools.  Parents may choose full or part-time schedules.  Because KE qualifies as child care expense, these rates may be tax deductible.  

Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) is part of the instructional day, is taught by a licensed teacher and is overseen by the building administrator.  Tuition ranges from $375 to $400 per month for the school year.  Specific rates are set by schools.  Tuition for FDK is not tax deductible.  

Financial assistance is available for both KE and FDK.  Contact your child's school or the  office of Elementary Education (303-387-0055 or 303-387-0067) for additional information.   

This Elementary Education General and Program Information overview lists those schools that offer KE and FDK programs.

Is there a way to know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

We have provided a quick Kindergarten Readiness survey for your convenience.


Please look to the right under Resources for all preschool information

Registration for the CURRENT 2017-2018 (August 2017 - May 2018) school year is available below.

To access the initial registration request process, click HERE

Information for the 2018/2019 school year will be available in early January



*This is the first step of the registration process.*

*Placement emails will be sent out within 1-2 weeks*

This email will come from the address: dcsdpreschoolplacements[at]gmail[dot]com   Please watch your spam/junk folder!

*Preschool placements are NOT based on Home School, registrations are taken in the order received.


Please note:

*Your child must be 3 years old to attend preschool.

Parents, you may request enrollment 3 weeks before your child turns 3.


Morning and afternoon sessions are 2 hours and 45 minutes in length. Students attend class Monday through Thursday.
Tuition for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year will be $170 per month for two 1/2 days weekly and $340 per month to attend four 1/2 days weekly.

Preschool classrooms are located in DCSD buildings throughout the school district. Start and end times vary according to school of attendance. 

We are proud of our excellent Preschool Program and we encourage families to enroll their children

About Before and After School Enterprise (B.A.S.E.)

Douglas County students ages five through thirteen years are eligible to access our on-site school-age child care programs.

Children who participate in our programs acquire the knowledge and abilities to make educated choices concerning their social, emotional, and physical health while learning principles of respect, integrity, honesty, and responsibility.

Benefits of our B.A.S.E. programs:

  • All staff are Douglas County School District employees
  • On-site convenience for families
  • Strong school partnership
  • District oversight and support
  • Licensed through State of Colorado Division of Child Care
  • Several sites recognized as accredited through Council on Accreditation

Many of our sites provide the following services:

  • Before and After School Programs

  • Kindergarten Enrichment

  • School Breaks (and professional development days)

Contact us

Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the link above.

BASE Department Team:  
Paula Zwemke, Director of BASE
Alicia Elmore, Area Manager
West Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Castle Pines
Denise Nichols, Area Manager
East Highlands Ranch, Parker and Franktown
Valerie Oss, Business Manager
Shannon Casey, BASE Bookkeeper
Kate Redford, BASE Bookkeeper
Lars Stjernquist, BASE Technical Support