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Douglas County School District embraces accountability in education.
We believe in demonstrating our performance regarding the most important outcomes as determined by our students, parents, staff and community. For this reason, we are building a balanced assessment system that will identify and measure those outcomes for each student, teacher, leader, school and Douglas County School District as a whole. Read More...


Aiming for quality student assessment

The best assessment practices are those that are embedded into the teaching and learning process, not those that disrupt to test the students. The Balanced Assessment Systems being built by our schools are expected to add value by providing feedback to students about their performance, as well as to the teacher, in order to adjust instruction.

Great teachers deserve professional pay

The single largest factor impacting a student and his/her future is the quality of the teacher(s) in the classroom. With this in mind, in January 2009, DCSD embarked on a significant re-write of its teacher evaluation system. The new instruments create specific expectations, aligned to our outcomes. The goal of these systems is to provide an opportunity for professional pay that will retain and attract the most talented employees available.

Supporting great leaders

In the spirit of comprehensive redesign, it is nearly impossible to change our curricula, assessments, teaching, classroom management and student advocacy, and not reimagine DCSD leadership expectations. We know that it is only through quality leadership that we will collaboratively reinvent our profession. That is why we worked with our administrators to develop new leadership expectations when creating our leadership evaluation tool.





Perfectly targeted to create the accountability system of the future.
Guided by the best in education literature and research, DCSD's aim is to build a system that models what is best for students, teachers, leaders, staff, parents and community.  This system is born of the values we hold in our district and in our profession, is aligned to our plan and is committed to the rigor of doing it correctly.

Read more about System Performance in our Strategic Plan and check out stories about System Performance in our News Archive.