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Evaluation CITE

While many Colorado school districts simply implemented the state's evaluation system, Douglas County created its own, better suited to meet the needs of our teachers and district.

In Douglas County, instructional best practices are at the center of the teacher evaluation system. The ultimate goal is to ensure that these research-based practices are utilized in every classroom in our District, every day—because we know they are best for our students.

The Continuous Improvement of Teacher Effectiveness (CITE) evaluation tool was built through a collaboration with teachers and administrators over the past five years and is comprised of six standards.

Intentionally, the first three standards –Outcomes, Assessment and Instruction – are tied directly to the backward planning process all teachers use in our District. READ MORE...

The new evaluation system which satisfies and exceeds the rigorous requirements of Colorado Senate Bill 191 (SB 191), is comprised of two components, each worth 50 percent. Half is the teacher practice side and the other half is the student performance side, per SB 191.

DCSD Teacher Evaluation System
Teacher Practice: Standards 1-5 (50% of evaluation through Continuous Improvement of Teacher Effectiveness, which is known as CITE).

Student Performance: Standard 6 (50% of evaluation through the Teacher's Body of Evidence from the Balanced Assessment System).  

Based on the results of the evaluation, teachers will be designated as Highly Effective, Effective or Below Effective.