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Dealing with a Head Injury

Douglas County School District has a great deal of support for students who sustain a head injury. There are groups of professionals that support your student  while recovering, following a traumatic head injury.

First, all school nurse consultants in the District are specially trained and have received education in caring for students with concussion (brain injury).  The school nurse consultants have collaborated with CDE and the Brain Injury Association of Colorado, Children’s Hospital, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to become highly educated in this area. They will collaborate with your health care provider as needed.

Health Services, in collaboration with the Traumatic Brain Injury Team (TBI), has developed a process of communication that includes information for teachers, school psychologists, counselors, administrators and other school staff when a student sustains a concussion. We use the REAP manual (Reduce, Educate, Accommodate and Pace) endorsed by CDE as a guide.

Second, our Certified Athletic Trainers, who work with the student athletes also receive specific training in head trauma. They work collaboratively with the school nurse consultants and further assess the student athlete, using the ImPACT program. This is a research based program developed at the Pittsburg Medical Center, to insure that athletes are safe to return to play using neurocognitive assessment. They also collaborate with the health care provider and parents and put a student through a return to play protocol before they are released for playing a sport for the District.

Third, there is a TBI team within the District that is further trained and led by Dr. Peter Thompson. These highly trained professionals are available to consult on complicated cases where students do not recover from their brain trauma and assist the staff in educating these students. They also provide much of the education needed for staff, parents and the student, when appropriate.