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DCSD dominates at tech competition

TSA state conference awards

DENVER – The Douglas County School District dominated the competition at the recent Technology Student Association (TSA) State Conference, leaving with dozens of awards and numerous students headed to the national competition.

DCSD schools took home the top prize at both the middle and high school levels. Congratulations to Mountain Vista High School – Outstanding High School Chapter of the Year, and STEM School and Academy – Outstanding Middle School Chapter of the Year.

“MVHS students were named State Champions (1st Place) in 10 out of 45 events,” said Kent Allison, MVHS TSA Advisor. “MVHS beat Littleton High School, which has won the State Championship 11 out of the past 12 years!”

DCSD is sending several students to the TSA National Conference in Maryland, which will be held in June.

TSA is a national non-profit organization devoted exclusively to elementary, middle and high school students with a dedicated interest in technology. The Colorado competition included nearly 1,100 participants and approximately 90 leadership and technology-related events.

MVHS medalists
Medalists from Mountain Vista High School

Congratulations to all of the DCSD winners!

Mesa Middle School
National Qualifier Place Event Members
X 1 Communication Challenge AJ Sbarra
  3 Junior Solar Sprint Shane O’Brien, Sam Wamsley
Mountain Vista High School
National Qualifier Place Event Members
X 3 Architectural Renovation Cassandra English, Anthony Mijalic, Aubrey Harrison, Clare Liu, Elizabeth Chengrian, Jordan Frerichs
X 1 Biotechnology Design Paa Adu, Michael Shin, Seh-kai Liao
X 3 CNC Production Chris Keith, Lucas Johnson
X 3 CAD 2D Anthony Mijalic
X 1 Digital Video Production Peter Cleverdon, Nick Pfeufer, Christian Stenberg, Matt Price, Spencer Culbertson, Nick Lawrence
X 1 Engineering Design Will Jones, Elizabeth Chengrian, Sumaer Kamboj, Madison Urbana, Graham Carroll
X 1 Future Technology Teacher Paa Adu
X 1 Open-Source Software Peter Cleverdon, Nick Lawrence, Will Jones, Matt Price, Anirudh Mathukumilli, Chris Keith
X 1 Prepared Presentation Seh-kai Liao
X 1 Promotional Graphics Alex Yagey
X 2 Technology Bowl Nick Lawrence, Sumaer Kamboj, Spencer Pozder
X 1 Webmaster Peter Cleverdon, Anirudh Mathukumilli, Nick Lawrence, Brad Arnot, Matt Price
  1 Integrated Autonomous Barath Murali, Chris Keith, Brad Arnot
  2 Project Showcase Bilal Reza
  2 Promotional Design Nick Lawrence
  1 Underwater ROV Delaney Livingston, Christian Stenberg, Spencer Culbertson, Nathan Mortimer, Michael Ryan
Rock Canyon High School
National Qualifier Place Event Members
X 2 Debating Technological Issues Shivani Chauhan, Ji Woo Park
X 1 Essays on Technology Shivani Chauhan
X 2 Essays on Technology Ji Woo Park
  2 Systems Control Technology Daniel McFarlane, Jon Meade, Ryan Vandersmith
X 3 Open Source Software Ryan Vandersmith, Jon Meade, Cameron Maas
STEM School and Academy (Middle)
[national attendees still being determined by STEM] Place Event Members
  1 Agriculture and Biotechnology Ashley Hack, Caroline Turner
  2 Agriculture and Biotechnology Cyra Gallano, Elina Andreassen
  2 Career Prep Lauren Brown
  2 Castle Ballistics Benjamin Krawciw, Michal Bodzianowski, Jude Pittingsrud
  2 Community Service Video Aiden Beatty, David Kimberly, Nick Tunks
  2 Communication Christian Bowe
  2 Crash Test Brycen Warton, Danny Hill
  3 Crash Test Azra Gallano, Samantha Manlapig
  2 Construction Challenge Nathan Thornhill, Alex Lamson
  2 Dragster Design Ariana Martinez
  1 Energy Sources Lauren Brown, Sebastian Del Barco
  3 Essay on Technology Cyra Gallano
  1 Flight Zach Brown
  1 Geospatial Technology Lauren Martin, Lauren Brown, Daniella Ho, Emily Schultz
  2 Go Green Manufacturing Lauren Martin, Ashley Hack, Emily Schultz
  1 Integrated Autonomous Vehicle Alison Thompson, Janvi Kumar, Kelsey Tabor
  2 Inventions and innovations Carter Baller, Liam Elkins, Mitchell Dees
  1 Leadership Strategies Scott Mcintyre, Ashley Hack, Madison Tenney
  1 Medical Technology Issues Daniella Ho, Madison Tenney
  1 Mouse Trap Tractor Pull Garrett Marsh
  2 Mouse Trap Tractor Pull Michal Bodzianowski
  3 Mouse Trap Tractor Pull Andrew Schumacher
  2 Problem Solving Kayden Von Grosse, Logan Gilbert
  1 Promotional Design Matthew Brown
  1 Rubber Band Powered Car Andrew Carpender
  2 Structural Model Kelsey Tabor, Alison Thompson
  1 Underwater ROV Michal Bodzianowski, Andrew Groeling, Benjamin Krawciw
  1 Water Infrastructure Azra Gallano, Casey Gouge, Lauren Martin, Pourna Sengupta, Adam Weber
STEM School and Academy (High)
[national attendees still being determined by STEM] Place Event Members
  1 Career Prep Grayson Gerlich
  3 Career Prep George Pandya
  1 Flight Frasier Feight
  2 Flight Madison Purefoy-Frie
  3 Integrated Autonomous Vehicle Wally Shallenberger, David Thompson, Alex Ho
  3 Manufacturing Prototype Daniel Rivera, Ben O’Brien
  3 Prepared Presentation George Pandya
  1 Rubber Band Powered Car Frasier Feight
  3 Rubber Band Powered Car Wally Shallenberger

2nd Place - Animatronics - the team of Brian Rawlings, Matt Wermers and Chloe Huntzinger

2nd Place - Castle Ballistics - the team of Mark Reifsteck, Steven Ripple and Logan Bassett
3rd Place - Digital Video Production - the team of Fatima Aboulalazm, Natalie Vrban, Jada Price, Mike Andrews, Tyler Andrews and Nathan Erickson
2nd Place - Photo Tech - Kylie Bernard
3rd Place - On Demand Video - the team of Fatima Aboulalazm, Natalie Vrban, Jada Price, Mike Andrews, Tyler Andrews and Nathan Erickson
2nd Place - Music Production - the team of Roni Lubofsky and Arlin Tawzer
1st Place - SCIVIS - the team of Nathan Erickson and Mike Andrews 
3rd Place - Video Game Design - the team of Steven Ripple, Mark Reifsteck, Logan Bassett and Alex Barnes
2nd Place - Underwater ROV - the team of Steven Ripple, Mark Reifsteck, Logan Bassett and Alex Barnes

Legend's Alex Barnes was  also named the TSA State Treasurer during the conference.

March 18, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Educational Technology, High School Education, Middle School Education, World Class Education

District News

graduates standing in line outside, smiling

DOUGLAS COUNTY – Graduation rates in the Douglas County School District (DCSD) continue to climb. Data released today by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) shows the on-time, four-year graduation rate is now 90.4 percent.

DCSD students also made an impressive showing at graduation. The class of 2017 earned more than $82 million in scholarships.

DCSD has one of the highest graduation rates in the Denver metro area. According to CDE, DCSD graduation rates have risen steadily from 81.9 percent in 2009 to 90.4 percent in 2017.

Five female students standing on stage smiling and laughing at the awards ceremony

The top two-percent of female athletes in Douglas County School District (DCSD) were honored at the annual Girls and Women in Sports Luncheon last week at Chaparral High School. This year represented the 30th national celebration of Girls and Women in Sports Day, created to encourage and promote the participation of girls in athletics. The girls who were honored were selected by their school’s coaches, athletic directors and principals for their outstanding achievements.

Superintendent Search text based logo

Working through the recent winter break, the Douglas County School District Board of Education has kicked off its search for DCSD’s next permanent superintendent. Following a thorough vetting of potential search firms, Ray & Associates (no relation to Board Director David Ray) has been hired to conduct the national search. The cost of the firm, excluding travel expenses, is $40,000. The money will come from the school board's budget, which is used for costs such as legal expenses and conferences.