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The Custodial Division takes great pride in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.

We strive to positively impact our community each and every day.  Our goal is to maintain best practices, encourage the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and ultimately provide a solid cleaning performance at each and every DCSD school and support facility.

What you can expect:

  • Learning environments that are clean, safe and well managed.
  • Superior customer service, care and support.
  • Prompt and professional response to emergency requests.

The Custodial team consist of:

The Custodial Group: 

One might think that custodial directly correlates with cleanliness; however, the Custodial Group is comprised of much more.  We have Group Leaders, Building Engineers, Custodians, and Utility Custodians.  Each play a specific, but important, role to the overall success for the entire group.  Their scope of work covers a wide array from inspections and reports, general maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the building and grounds to include classrooms, common areas and play fields.  They further ensure the general safety of the public by removing snow and ice from walkways, and entries.


Special Projects: 

The Custodial Special Projects team is an extension of the school Building Engineers and assists and/or supports their endeavors. Projects focus on large scale items that take a team of people, versus an individual Building Engineer.  Key aspects of projects may include refinishing of hard wood floors, stripping of tile floors, extracting carpets, polishing concrete flooring or simply assisting with major events, such as graduation prep work or District Art Shows.  This team, moves throughout the District, and are heavily relied on for emergency clean-up, graffiti removal, flood control, snow removal and a variety of other issues that may arise within the School District. 

Equipment Repair Team:

A key component to the custodial maintenance and upkeep of all schools and facilities within Douglas County School District, is our Equipment Repair Team.  With this team, we are able to ensure the custodial equipment is operational, functioning with the designed intent and maintained on a regular basis.  This team possesses a wide range of expertise and is capable of fixing almost anything, from drills to Gators, snow equipment, hard surface equipment, blowers, vacuums and carpet extractors.

Contact Information

Jorge Marquez Cortez
Custodial Manager

Administrative Support
2806 Highway 85, Bldg A
Castle Rock, CO 80109