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Teacher leadership, safety score high among DCSD teachers in TELL Survey

DENVER – More than 71% of Douglas County School District (DCSD) teachers participated in the 2013 TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning) Colorado Survey, registering the highest response rate in the metro area.
“We appreciate the fact that so many DCSD teachers took the time to respond to this lengthy survey,” said DCSD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen.  Survey participation improved significantly over 2011 levels, from 49.9% to 71.1%.
Administered by the Colorado Department of Education every two years, the TELL survey asks questions on topics ranging from school safety to teaching conditions.  DCSD results demonstrate tremendous improvement on more than 2/3 of the questions asked on the survey.
“We are very pleased that DCSD teachers feel empowered as leaders, are recognized as educational experts, and an atmosphere of trust and collaboration exists in our schools,” continued Fagen.  “These represent our commitments to staff and ultimately benefit our students.”
On the question, “Teachers are effective leaders in this school,” 87% of DCSD teachers agreed or strongly agreed, an improvement over 2011 and above the state average.
DCSD teachers felt strongly about professional development.  78% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “Sufficient resources are available for professional development in my school.”  This is an improvement from 2011 and ten points higher than the state average.
DCSD teachers also feel that the community is supportive of their school.  More than 90% of DCSD teachers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “The community we serve is supportive of this school.”
“We are very grateful to parents and the Douglas County community for their support,” continued Fagen.  “Their support is critical to the success of our teachers and schools. 
Finally on the statement, “Overall, my school is a good place to work and learn,” 84.7% of DCSD teachers agreed or strongly agreed, an improvement over 2011 results and again, above the state average.
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