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South Metro Chamber endorses DCSD Pay for Performance

HIGHLANDS RANCH– The South Metro Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the Douglas County School District’s (DCSD) pay for performance model.
“The South Metro Denver Chamber’s Board of Directors unanimously supports this model not only because the business community demands better education for our children, but also because we need a first-class education system like that in Douglas County to ensure our continued economic prosperity,” said South Metro Chamber President and CEO John Brackney.
“In business, customers have long demanded higher quality products and services for less money. Efficiency and excellence are required to meet the demands of the customer and succeed in the marketplace,” continued Brackney.
The South Metro Denver Chamber is one of the most influential forces in local government and regional economic development. With more than 1,300 members incorporating over 85,000 employees, the Chamber is actively involved in public policy and providing valuable resources to its members. The organization believes that individuals working together are a true force to be reckoned with.
“The Pay for Performance model being implemented by Douglas County Schools applies similar principles to how we educate our children. It rewards the most competent and passionate teachers while providing a fair path to other opportunities for those teachers with less passion or ability. Douglas County Schools’ innovative implementation of this model should be commended and other school systems should follow their lead,” explained Brackney. 
The Pay for Performance framework rewards outstanding employees with pay raises and bonuses.  “Our goal is to attract and retain the very best teachers and employees,” said DCSD Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen.  “We know that the number one factor in a student’s success is an excellent teacher.”
Pay for Performance is a priority of the DCSD strategic plan. To learn more about the DCSD Pay for Performance, visit
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