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Sedalia Elementary expands iPad technology for 21st century learning.

SEDALIA - Students at Sedalia Elementary will soon be on the fast track to 21st century learning. With help from the Douglas County School District and the Douglas County Educational Foundation every student at the school will have access to iPads every single day.

“We’re really taking this whole notion of getting technology into the hands of the students. If you can provide meaningful learning opportunities that increase student interest, that leads to increased student engagement and higher achievement levels” states Sedalia Elementary principal George Boser.
Students in the Sedalia Elementary summer program have really embraced the technology and feel that it is a natural evolution in their learning process that affords them opportunities that they might not otherwise have.
“I like using eh iPads, they’re fast, easy to use, and easy to carry.  They have big screens and they’re great technology for dictionaries I get a chance to look things up that interest me really fast”, says Sedalia student Calvin Taylor.
Although the iPads are a hit with the students, many teachers say that it is not so much about the tool itself, but about the opportunities that this technology creates for the students.
Mesa Middle School teacher Jennifer McBride says, “They’re getting critical thinking and they’re being creative and collaborating with each other, teaching each other.”
This new model of educating students will be a challenge in changing a century old model of education but it is a challenge that Principal Boser and his staff are ready to take on.
“We’re talking about creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking that can happen globally and world wide because they have access to that technology. Let’s pay attention to the what the kids will do because we learn from them and that’s what you want.”
June 28, 2013 | By Anonymous | Category: Communications

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