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Rocky Heights launches archery club, hosts state tournament

HIGHLANDS RANCH - Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) is proud to be the only school in Douglas County, and the only middle school in the greater Denver area that offers Archery as an after school club.
Seventh grade language arts teacher Rodney Graham participates in other shooting sports and has always been fascinated by archery.  Graham applied for a grant through the Easton Sports Development Foundation, and received $10,000 in archery equipment for RHMS.  Graham and seventh grade social studies teacher Dave Callaway received their certification as instructors, and the school will be adopting archery as one of the focuses of the seventh grade P.E. curriculum.
The RHMS archery club began this fall, and immediately filled up with approximately thirty members.  The club meets once a week and practices inside the school’s “base camp” during cold weather, and outside on the field during warmer weather.  
The Easton Foundation sponsors the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) program, as a method of promoting archery among youth, with the intent of developing future Olympic team members.  This Junior Olympic program organizes inter-school archery leagues and competitions, and RHMS proudly hosted the state archery tournament on April 20.
RHMS held its first in-school tournament on April 6 and invited parents, families and guests to attend.  With Olympic music playing in the background, each archer shot three arrows, with the opportunity to earn a total of 30 points. At the end, the three top archers were awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal in front of the crowd of over 150 attendees.  The tournament also included an open house for families and guests to try out the equipment.  Younger children had the opportunity to shoot balloons, while older kids and adults learned to shoot at the target.
The generous grant from the Easton Foundation which allowed this program to come about, inspired the archery students to add a philanthropic element to the tournament---their way of “paying it forward”.  Prior to the tournament, the students collected flat donations and pledges for each point scored.  Money raised was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which serves United States veterans and service members who have been injured physically or mentally while in military service on or since September 11, 2001. The students have raised over $5,000 to date, and donations continue to come in.
According to school administrators, both the in-school archery tournament, as well as the state archery tournament held at RHMS were enormous successes.
April 25, 2013 | By Anonymous | Category: Communications

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