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Ponderosa athletic director receives national citation

PARKER – After nearly two decades as the athletic director (AD) at Ponderosa High School—Tim Ottmann knows just about everything you can about high school athletics—including just how many hours it takes to manage all of a school’s sports.
“Athletic Directors—we basically get to school when everyone else does, about 7 a.m." Ottmann said, "and then our day starts all over again at 3:00 pm.  During the fall and winter months, I'll stay at Ponderosa covering games until 9 or 10 pm, two to three days a week.  The spring season is a little easier because most of the activities are in the afternoon.”
He says that turnover is common for ADs due to the time commitments. The long hours, however, are made a little easier, since Tim’s wife isn’t usually too far away. Angela Ottmann can often be found in the school’s gym because of her role as Ponderosa’s Poms/Dance Team Coach.
Tim Ottmann’s commitment to Ponderosa’s athletic program was part of the reason he received the National Federation of State High School Sports Associations (NFHS) Citation Award this spring.
The national award is one of the most highly regarded achievements in high school athletics and celebrates athletic directors who have made significant contributions to the NFHS and/or other national organizations which impact high school athletics.  ADs chosen for the Citation must have a long-standing and distinguished record of involvement with high school athletics at the local and state levels and the individual is recognized as among the best in their profession by their colleagues.
Ottmann says he has stayed fresh by continually looking for ways to improve and finding inspiration in the athletes.
“With every class that comes and goes there are new challenges and new things that motivate you,” Ottmann said.
He also has enjoyed his role in leading an army of coaches.
“I really enjoy working with coaches and helping them become positive leaders for our students. That is something I take a lot of pride in,” Ottmann said. “I'm coaching them to be better coaches. Then, they are coaching their kids to be better kids.”
Ottmann also enjoys looking for ways he can improve the different programs at the school, which is why it should be no surprise then that Ottmann’s favorite time of the year is not when sports begin in the late summer—but rather when they wrap up in the spring.
“You go into every year being excited for what that year will bring. Then the spring comes and goes and you kind of realize whether you did or did not have a lot of success,” Ottmann said.
While Ponderosa has had a lot of success in his 19 years as AD, especially in wrestling and poms, Ottmann is quick to point out that it’s not just about state trophies.
“[Success is] measured in a lot of ways, not just winning championships. [For instance,] is the skill level of the athlete improving, and are they enjoying the experience and having fun?” 
He often measures his success in the relationships he has made over the years and seeing the success of the student-athletes who occasionally check in. 
Ottmann will officially accept the citation award at the National Athletic Director’s Conference in Anaheim in December.
May 16, 2013 | By Anonymous | Category: Communications

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