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Excellence, innovation attract new teachers to Douglas County

PARKER – While the new school year is approaching quickly, it was teachers—not students—who were welcomed with fanfare at Legend High School this week.
In juxtaposition to the first day of school, student volunteers with gifts and the booming beat of the Titan Marching Band welcomed Douglas County’s new teachers warmly as they arrived at Legend for New Teacher Orientation.
Following a brief breakfast, the teachers were greeted by Superintendent Liz Fagen, who spoke about the District’s vision, ambitious strategic plan and the role that each educator plays in creating a World-Class education for the District’s students.
“I hope they leave here today feeling like expectations are high but so is the level of support,” Fagen said after the address.
As the teachers moved from session to session, learning more about the District and the tools they’ll need to succeed, it was obvious that many of them had chosen Douglas County because of its reputation for excellence and innovation.
“I’m just moving into the area from St. Louis and every time I tell people I work for Douglas County School District they’re like, ‘that’s such a great district, you should be thankful you got a job there,” Brittany Brands said.
“I came to Douglas County School District because I heard great things about the innovativeness they’ve taken and I’m looking forward to starting my career,” another new teacher added.
Several of the teachers were proud to be returning to their alma mater.
“I wanted to move back home to where I grew up and go back to great schools that helped me become a lifelong learner,” Danielle McGuckin said.
Sarah Johnson agreed. “I graduated from Douglas County High School and I think it’s so amazing that we’re teaching kids to become citizens, rather than just regurgitating information and that they’re lifelong learners, and seeing them seek out information and being passionate about it, I don’t think I’ve seen that passion anywhere else.”
Working for a school district that is on the cutting edge of an innovative approach to teaching meant a lot of learning, even for those seasoned teachers who are getting a fresh start in DCSD. The enthusiasm of the entire group proves they are all up for the challenge.
August 1, 2013 | By Anonymous | Category: Communications

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