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DCSD Nutrition Services aims to increase elementary student lunch “table” time; seeks to streamline check-out process

CASTLE ROCK - Students at nearly all fifty-eight (58) Douglas County School District (DCSD) elementary schools will be treated to a bit more time to eat lunch next year thanks to a move by DCSD Nutrition Services to streamline student check-out lines.
“We’ve heard from parents all over the district who are concerned about how little actual time their kids have to eat lunch.  This summer we’re gearing up, working to give students more ‘table time’. We’re hiring and training more cafeteria team members and investing in additional point of service stations --- all in an effort to ‘buy’ students more time to enjoy their lunch,” said DCDS Nutrition Services Director Brent Craig. 
Most elementary school lunch periods are about 20 minutes in length, which includes ‘travel time’ to and from either the playground or classrooms.
“We’re highly customer-service driven.  We’re dedicated to student wellness. Upgrading our check-out lines is in direct response to parents’ understanding that children benefit from more time to eat lunch,” said Craig. 
“U.S. Research shows that when people eat quickly, they consume more calories, enjoy the meal less and feel hungrier an hour later.  The [length of] lunch period dilemma comes at a time when about 33% of children are obese or overweight, according to government statistics,” so says the USA Today article entitled, Cutting short lunchtime in school may lead to obesity.
For the third year in a row, DCSD Nutrition Services will hold July training ‘Boot Camp’ for Nutrition Services employees.  “We utilize summertime to make improvements in our program; we evaluate everything from menu creation, sourcing, calendaring special wellness events, vendors and our service. And we train like crazy,” said Craig.
“This year, one of our top priorities will be to get elementary students more time at their lunch tables to enjoy their meals,” Craig said.
June 20, 2013 | By Anonymous | Category: Communications

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