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DCSD celebrates its employees during National Teacher Appreciation Week

CASTLE ROCK – We know that the number one indicator of student success is having an effective teacher in the classroom. Here in Douglas County, we are extremely fortunate to have many of the best educators in the country, as well as a virtual army of staff members dedicated to supporting excellence and innovation every day in our classrooms.
During National Teacher Appreciation Week, the Douglas County School District takes a moment to celebrate the amazing effort and dedication our staff. Every day, they are dedicated to nurturing our students, while working to create a World-Class educational system. 
Superintendent Liz Fagen, who was a high school teacher previously, says teaching is much, much more than a career. 
“I love this profession and I always have,” Fagen said. “It is a part of who you are. It’s not just something you do. It’s part of your heart and who you are.”
Fagen knows that many teachers go above and beyond daily—staying after the bell to help struggling students, grade projects, support kids at extracurricular activities and volunteer to be part of the process of reshaping American education.
“I am watching teachers do the hardest work that has been happening in American education right now and they are excited about it,” said Dr. Liz Fagen. “They are working on Saturdays and they’re working long into the evening.”
She says the work they are doing is creating a new model for education for the future, something that has never been done to this level anywhere else.
“It is inspiring to watch a school district as great as the Douglas County School District take that next step and to reset the bar, to say ‘great is not good enough—we want more for our students, we want more for our community,’ Fagen said. “This process of us saying, ‘We need to rethink the outcomes for our students,’ ‘we need to rethink the way we assess,’ we need to rethink the strategies we use to teach them,’ and ‘we need to rethink what school choice looks like’ is really amazing in a school district like this one. To watch people step up like that—it makes me so proud to be part of this district.  I’m so thankful for the talent we have here. It is second-to-none.” 
This year, teachers have participated in more than seven District-level committees to help build several programs and tools that will be used in teacher evaluations and professional pay.
“They truly are leaders. They’re leaders every day in their classrooms, they see things differently. They have the capacity, the talent and the desire to do more for their students and that is what is happening in our school district,” Fagen said.
Recently the Superintendent invited several teacher leaders to her “Let’s Talk Education” radio show Castle Rock Radio.

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10. Let the DCSD teachers and staff members know how much you appreciate their work.

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