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Choice Definition

Douglas County School District has a pioneering spirit in the realm of choice. 

With the first charter school in Colorado in 1993 and the recent, first-in-the-country student scholarship program allowing students to use a portion of their per pupil funding to pay tuition at a menu of quality private schools in 2011, DCSD demonstrates a commitment to doing what is best for students – even when it is difficult.

DCSD believes that every student is unique with different interests, strengths and challenges. We also believe that no one understands the unique qualities of each of our students better than their parents. Therefore, DCSD is committed to partnering with parents in selecting the very best school and learning environment for their children.

DCSD is committed to choice at every level of our organization. In addition to school-to-school choices, we believe in choices within the classroom, choice pathways within a school, and even choices outside our own district, if they are best for our students. 

According to Dr. William Glasser, all people have four basic needs: the need for love/belonging, power, freedom and fun. Choice meets all four of these needs for our students and their families. In addition, choice (and competition) is an important part of continuous improvement. We learn from and are challenged by market forces associated with choice. We believe that DCSD has some of the best schools in Colorado, if not the country, and therefore, we are more than prepared to compete with anyone.No matter the choice, DCSD is committed to excellence. It makes no difference if parents choose an Artful Learning experience, an Expeditionary Learning experience, or an International Baccalaureate learning experience for their children, as all students will learn and develop the World Class outcomes and skills found in our new World Class Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC). There are many means available to DCSD students and all will deliver a world class education to all students. 

While DCSD has made great strides in choice, we recognize there is far more we can accomplish for our students, staff, parents and community. 

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Providing each child the maximum opportunity for success

-Communicating the unique qualities of each school to our students, staff, parents and community gives all students the highest probability for success

-Empowering every school to achieve their desired state provides many learning opportunities for students and synergy in our schools