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Every day, our identity is a celebration of the work of our 7,000 employees and accomplishments of our more than 60,000 students. That is why we ask our employees and community to treat our brand with respect.



Our logo may have changed its appearance over the years, but the design has remained the same. Now instead of a multi-colored version, the logo is defined by a modern, monochromatic look.

This district mark represents a student and is made of the "D" and "C" of Douglas County.

The understated design and muted colors speak to the strength and traditions of our District.





The DCSD logo should be monochromatic or in other words, only one color. It may be displayed in:

Other DCSD colors
Consistency is important-- which is why we have outlined an expanded palette of colors which can be used in conjunction with our website and other graphic projects.





Specific branding has been created for the District's Strategic Plan, including icons, taglines and colors. These elements should only be used in concert with District recognized exemplars in Safety, Choice, World Class Education and System Performance.

Maximizing physical, psychological and online safety for students, staff and community.

Matching children to the best learning environment creates the highest probability of success.

World Class Education
Preparing our students to be the best in the world.

System Performance
Defining and measuring what matters most.