School Accountability Committees

School Accountability Committees (SACs)

School Accountability Committees (SACs) advise school principals on budget priorities and the development of school improvement plans, and work to increase parents and community partnerships with their school. 

SAC responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Advising the principal concerning the preparation of the school's Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).
  • Making recommendations to the principal concerning priorities for spending school funds. 
  • Gathering and providing information to the principal concerning priorities for spending school funds. 
  • Helping school staff increase parent partnerships with teachers, fostering the parents' role in creating student READ plans as well as addressing habitual truancy. 
  • Helping school staff increase the level of overall parent engagement with the school. 
  • Assisting the district in implementing, at the school level, the district's Parent and Family Engagement Policy. 
  • Working to recruit people to serve on the School Accountability Committee. 

Additionally, for schools on Priority Improvement or Turnaround status, the SAC is responsible for:

  • Publicizing and holding a SAC meeting to discuss strategies to include in a school Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan, and using this input to make recommendations to the local school board concerning preparation of the school Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan prior to the plan being written.
  • Publicizing the district's public hearing to review the school's written Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan. 

For more information and resources on how to successfully conduct your School Accountability Committee, please see the Colorado Department of Education's Promising Practices For Family Engagement Resource Page.

DCSD Parent Engagement Liaison
Stacy Rader
Communications Officer

The Douglas County School District Parent Liaison is the point of contact for parent engagement committee trainings and resources, as well as a liaison between the District, Colorado State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education, School Accountability Committees and the District Accountability Committee per CRS 22-32-142 (c).

More Information

If you don’t know when your school's SAC meets, please visit your school’s website or ask your principal for the meeting schedule.

School Accountability Committee Websites

We are working to collect SAC websites from each DCSD school. As we receive the website addresses, we will update the listings below. If your school SAC website is not listed, please email the link to

SAC Resources

SAC Handbook
DCSD Parent and Family Engagement Policy
SAC Duties
SAC Contacts 2018-2019
SAC Membership Flow Chart
Membership and Officer Requirements
SAC Responsibilities Inventory
SAC Responsibilities (CDE)
SAC Checklist
Parent Survey

SAC UIP Resources

Colorado Department of Education UIP Home Page
2017 Performance Framework: Planned Revisions (June 2017)
HB 16-1440: Flexibility in UIP Submissions
SAC UIP Process Guide (2017)

SAC Logos

SAC Logos
The DCSD communications department has created two logo options for each SAC. The medallion or banner logo for your website or other materials as deemed appropriate by your SAC.

SAC Templates/Samples

SAC Agenda Template
This new agenda template provides an outline to a SAC agenda whether you meet monthly or quarterly.

SAC Promotional Flyer
This one page flyer is meant to provide an overview to your parent community as to when, where and why your SAC meets.

UIP Frameworks Template
This template was created to help your SAC understand the new CDE Performance Frameworks.

SAC Meeting Tools

SAC Best Practices and Guidelines

SAC Meeting Agenda Template

SAC Quarterly Calendar 
Use this guideline if your SAC meets quarterly

SAC Monthly Calendar
Use this guideline if your SAC meets monthly