Student Conduct on School Buses - Regulation 2

Policy Number: 
Board File: JICC-R-2

Student Safety and Rules of Conduct

Students are expected to observe the following rules of safety and conduct when using District transportation.

  1. Students must meet the bus promptly, follow reasonable instructions of the driver, and respect fellow passengers.
  2. Students shall cross the roadway in front of the stopped school bus in full view of the driver. To avoid creating distractions to the drivers, students must remain quiet at railroad crossings and bus loading/unloading zones.
  3. Students must remain seated, face forward, and keep the aisles clear.  Paper or other debris is not to be left on the bus.  Students may talk quietly and shall not make loud, distracting noises.  Students shall not use profanity or make obscene gestures to the driver or passengers.
  4. Students must not throw anything inside or outside the bus.  Students shall not abuse other students, their property, or District property, nor shall they trespass on private property.
  5. Students are not allowed to smoke, use, or chew tobacco or tobacco products, nor use or bring alcohol or illegal drugs on buses.
  6. Permission to board or leave the bus at other than the scheduled stop must be cleared by the transportation department, the principal, parent or guardian, and written permission must be presented to the driver.  Only authorized students and school personnel may board or ride the bus.
  7. No dangerous weapons or objects, animals, or insects will be allowed to be carried on the bus.  Items too large to be held in the lap or below the seats will not be permitted on the bus.
  8. Being rude/disrespectful to the bus driver or engaging in behavior that distracts the driver, including changing seats while the bus is in motion, will subject the student to disciplinary action in accordance with District policy.
  9. Lighting matches, lighters, or firecrackers inside the bus, or inflicting bodily harm upon another person may warrant immediate suspension of bus riding privileges and/or other disciplinary action in accordance with District policy.
  10. Opening or exiting the rear emergency door may warrant immediate suspension of bus riding privileges and/or other disciplinary action in accordance with District policy.

PARENTS are responsible for providing transportation for the student to attend school during loss of bus riding privileges. Suspension from the bus is not a suspension from class.

Adopted: February 6, 1990
Revised: July 21, 1992
Revised: September 21, 1993
Revised: October 15, 2002

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