DCSD’s COVID Tracker can be accessed in the Internal Metrics section below. In addition, we have added links to other COVID data including Douglas County vaccination rates per age groups (see below).

We know that Omicron is circulating throughout our community. The most important thing our families and staff can do is to assume exposure (whether in our community or in schools) and continuously monitor their family members for symptoms. If your child is showing symptoms of illness, please do not send them to school. Please reference this symptom screening document for guidance on when it is safe to return to school after illness. Information about is available on our website.


Internal Metrics

Our data reflects reported positive COVID cases and may not reflect exactly what is happening in the entire school district. Our data does not account for individuals who have been exposed outside of the school district or individuals who choose not to report.

DCSD COVID Outbreaks

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), an outbreak is defined as five or more confirmed or probable cases in a facility or (non-household) group with onset in a 14-day period that can be linked epidemiologically. Outbreak status is determined by the Douglas County Health Department with Jogan Health Solutions (DCSD does not determine the outbreak status of any school or program). When an outbreak occurs, some students may be required to mask and/or quarantine (see this outbreak status flowchart for more information). During an outbreak, notification will be sent to families of students who have been identified as being in close contact with a person(s) who tested positive for COVID.

The outbreak lists below do not include DCSD charter schools as they track their own COVID cases.

DCSD Has Not Had Any New Outbreaks Declared Since 2/4/2022.

DCSD Outbreaks Week of 02/4/22*
*number of positive cases by school are listed in the COVID Tracker below.

  • Mammoth Heights Elementary - affecting 6th grade.
  • Ranch View Middle - affecting 7th and 8th grades.
  • Timber Trail Elementary - affecting Kindergarten.

DCSD Outbreaks Week of 01/28/22*
*number of positive cases by school are listed in the COVID Tracker below.

  • Arrowwood Elementary - affecting Preschool B and C.
  • Buffalo Ridge Elementary - affecting PreK A.M. and P.M.
  • Castle View High School - affecting SSN.
  • Cloverleaf Enrichment - affecting Thursday group.
  • Coyote Creek Elementary - affecting 4th grade.
  • Mountain Ridge Middle - affecting Team 7 (Orange, Purple, Teal) and Team 8 (Orange, Purple, Teal).
  • Northridge Elementary - affecting 4th grade.
  • Pine Grove Elementary - affecting 6th grade.
  • Pine Lane Elementary - affecting Preschool, Kindergarten and 3rd grade.
  • Renaissance Expeditionary Magnet - affecting 2nd and 3rd grades.
  • Rock Ridge Elementary - affecting Preschool.
  • Roxborough Intermediate - affecting 6th grade.
  • South Ridge Elementary - affecting 4th grade
  • ThunderRidge High School - affecting multiple classes

DCSD Outbreaks Week of 01/21/22*
*number of positive cases by school are listed in the COVID Tracker below. 

  • Acres Green Elementary - affecting Kindergarten.
  • Cimarron Middle - affecting Team 6 (Aztec, Morgan), Team 7 (Lipizzan, Blazer), Team 8 (Caspian, Mustang, Palomino).
  • Clear Sky Elementary - affecting 6th grade.
  • Cresthill Middle - affecting Explorers, Horizon, Legend, Navigators, Summit, and Trekkers.
  • Eldorado Elementary - affecting 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades.
  • Flagstone Elementary - affecting 5th grade.
  • Highlands Ranch High - affecting 2 homerooms, nutrition class.
  • Ponderosa High - multiple classes/cohorts.
  • Sand Creek Elementary - affecting Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades.
  • Sedalia Elementary - affecting grades 2/3 and 5/6.
  • Stone Mountain Elementary - affecting 5th grade.
  • Summit View Elementary - affecting 5th grade. 

DCSD Outbreaks Week of 01/14/22

  • Legend High School - 20 positive cases, 143 identified as close contacts.
  • Mesa Middle School - 18 positive cases, 150 identified as close contacts.
  • Pioneer Elementary - 6 positives, 63 4th graders identified as close contacts, some BASE students identified as close contacts.
  • Rock Canyon High School -18 positive cases, 65 students and 2 staff identified as close contacts.
  • Sierra Middle School - 7th grade - 9 positive cases. 8th grade - 18 positive cases, 90 identified as close contacts.

DCSD Outbreaks Week of 01/07/22

  • No new outbreaks.

***WINTER BREAK - 12/17/21-01/03/22***


This data tool reflects reported positive COVID cases in DCSD schools. If your child's school does not appear in the location drop down box, that means the school has not had any reported positive cases within the date range selected. The default date range is 14 days.

Charter schools are not reflected in the data. Please contact individual charter schools for information about their COVID cases.

How To Use:
  • Select a Date Range to see all cases between certain dates.
  • Use the Feeder dropdown to see all cases within on or more feeder areas.
  • Select a Population to view cases in staff members, students, or both.
  • Select a Location to view cases by school. If your child's school does not appear in the location drop down box, that means the school has not had any reported positive cases.

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