Calendars are approved by the Board of Education as required under Colorado Revised Statutes.

For the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, a calendar committee was formed, composed of leaders, teachers, classified staff members and parents. This committee worked to develop three conventional calendar options for each school year. A survey was developed and distributed to staff and parents of neighborhood schools (non-charter schools). The survey received 10,111 responses. Additionally, feedback was received from the Student Advisory Group. The District Accountability Committee (DAC) approved “Calendar Option 2” on May 1, 2018 based on the feedback and recommendation from the Calendar Committee. This calendar was then approved by the Board on May 8, 2018.

Please note that these calendars do not apply to charter, magnet, or alternative schools, which manage their own calendars.

Please note that for 2019-2020, all DCSD schools will follow the conventional calendar, with the following exceptions: Renaissance Primary Magnet School, D.C. Oakes, Eagle Academy, and charter schools. Please contact these schools individually for their calendars.

2019-2020 School Year Conventional Calendar

View the 2019-2020 calendar here | Black and white version (2019-2020)

2020-2021 School Year Conventional Calendar

View the 2020-2021 calendar here Black and white version (2020-2021)

Previous Calendar:

2018-2019 School Year Conventional Calendar

View the 2018-2019 calendar here (PDF) | Black and white version (2018-2019) (PDF) | Digital Calendar