eDCSD Cyber School

hands on a computer keyboard

eDCSD logoeDCSD is an online K-12 program offered by Douglas County School District to any student who resides within the Douglas County attendance boundaries. At eDCSD, we understand that not all students thrive in the same environment and not all students learn the same way. Seeing this disconnect between traditional teaching and maximizing a student’s potential, we created another education option for your child. Online learning allows a student’s creativity, problem solving and communication skills to combine with technology for the ultimate education experience.

eDCSD offers a rigorous curriculum utilizing course content from the nation’s leading online companies used by thousands of students across the country. This high-tech, high-touch, comprehensive learning package offers flexible, dynamic and adventurous learning opportunities for students.

Community is a vital element at eDCSD. Receiving an education online doesn’t mean your child won’t participate in the social activities vital to their development. Relationships within our education community are what make this program a success. Relationships are created between students, families and eDCSD school teachers through:

  • Blended learning opportunities
  • Field trips
  • eDCSD events
  • Our online classroom

The eDCSD community is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment that encourages student connection and fosters collaboration.

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