Prevention & School Culture

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What is Prevention and School Culture?

Emotional and social safety begins with prevention efforts embedded within a school culture that fosters connections to trusted adults through help, strength, and hope. When youth recognize their needs and practice social and emotional skills, they are more equipped to engage in their own prevention advocacy. When youth know how to seek the help needed, incidents of bullying, suicide, substance use and acts of school violence decrease. Team Universal Prevention (Team U.P.), our district's Prevention and School Culture team partners with students, teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, school social workers, school psychologists and community organizations, on a universal level, to build our personal safety and universal prevention tool boxes.

Team U.P. provides a variety of resources, such as Sources of Strength, Building Resilient Me, the Outrage, Success in the Middle, the Student Wellness and Prevention Framework, Prevention Consultation Services, Professional Development, as well as workshops and seminars facilitated by Team U.P.

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How Do I Contact Team U.P.?

Jamie Montoya-De Smidt - Prevention Coordinator

Cynthia Redfern - Prevention Lead

Janet Hatt

Dawna McKnight 

Ann Metz

Kimberly Moore

Ann Rusin-Egnor