Operations and Maintenance

maintenance worker in boiler room

 operations and maintenance logo Matt Van Deusen
Director of
Operations & Maintenance

 After Hours Assistance
2806 Highway 85, Bldg A
Castle Rock CO 80109

P 303-387-0400
F 303-387-0455

Soon after construction crews have completed their work, Operations and Manintenance steps in, providing a collaborative effort of multidisciplinary operations, leveraging in-house expertise to maintain the safety and quality of real property assets. We are committed to providing continuous use of the facilities with minimal disruption to the educational process. We are driven by our values of accountability, service and creating and sustaining a healthy and safe environment.

We Care For...

6,500,000 square feet
1,500 acres of land
160 acres of asphalt
139 mobile units
108 athletic/play fields
68 school buildings
60 playgrounds
18 support sites
13 synthetic sports/playing fields

What you can expect:

  • School environments that optimize student performance and inspire engagement in the learning process: safe, clean, comfortable, well-lit and attractive.
  • Facilities that are consistently monitored and maintained at a professional standard which is vital to achieving world class education and safety.