Educator Effectiveness (CITE)

2 girls hovered around a white board in a classroom
Dr. Deanne Kirby
Director, Educator Effectiveness

In 2010, Senate Bill 191 passed in the Colorado State Legislature, changing the way that educators are evaluated with the ultimate goal of continuously supporting educators' professional growth and, in turn, accelerating student results.

Senate Bill 191 sets expectations for all evaluation systems across Colorado. These core expectations include:

  • All teachers must be evaluated annually.
  • Teachers/service providers will receive a summative written evaluation. (This drives our May 1 date)
  • Student growth/performance will make up 50 percent of a teacher/service providers evaluation. (CITE 6)
  • All probationary teachers must have at least two formal observations and all non-probationary teachers must have at least one formal observation.
  • Systems should reflect a continuous growth process and provide teachers with actionable feedback.

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