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Douglas County School District's Perseverance Scholarship has awarded over $175,000 in scholarships to nearly 200 seniors since 1988. Financial need and academic merit are key criteria used in selecting the scholarship recipients. In addition, students who are awarded this scholarship have often overcome personal challenges. These students show grit, determination and resiliency, and need financial assistance to continue their education after graduation from a DCSD school.

Scholarships are awarded to a student from each neighborhood and alternative high school in DCSD. Recipients are chosen by an administrator at their school.

Donations Fund The Perseverance Scholarship
100% of donations go straight to student scholarships! All committee members volunteer their time so that donations can be passed directly to students. Donate here on Colorado Gives >>

2020 Recipients

Sky Burnor Lucero
Eagle Academy

After tragedy struck, Sky says she found a safe and supportive place at Eagle Academy to work through heartbreak and continue her education journey. Watch Sky's Story >>

Addison Lederer
Legend High School

With determination and a positive outlook, Addison persevered after a great family loss. After graduating she will continue her studies at Arapahoe Community College. Watch Addison's Story >>

Anna Bajsazar
Rock Canyon High School

Anna’s family has faced a great deal of adversity, but through empathy, compassion, and resiliency, Anna found a way to accept the things she cannot control and make the most of the things she can. Watch Anna's Story >>

Jarek Miller
Chaparral High School

Jarek refuses to be defined by his autism. He knows he can accomplish anything and now he’s taking his positivity and can-do attitude to college. Watch Jarek's Story >>

Courtney Casias

A car accident in January of 2018 changed Courtney’s life and she had to move to an online school. The journey changed Courtney’s perspective on school, online learning, and even herself. Watch Courtney's Story >>

Darcy Rutiaga
Mountain Vista High School

Darcy has struggled with hearing loss her entire life, but it hasn't kept her from staying motivated to become just the second person in her family to attend college. Watch Darcy's Story >>

Eno Akyie
ThunderRidge High School

When Eno and her family moved from Ghana to Highlands Ranch two years ago, she found a community to thrive in and will begin her career in AeroSpace Engineering after graduation. Watch Eno's Story >>

Chris Heckenkamp
Douglas County High School

As a child, Chris traumatically lost his voice for over a year. Now, he’s using that voice to express himself through music and service to his school community. Watch Chris' Story >>

Alex Sherman
Highlands Ranch High School

Alex has an experience unique from his twin brother. It is a journey that has fueled his determination and resiliency to pursue a career in Health Sciences. Watch Alex's Story >>

Austin Ainsworth
Ponderosa High School

Since a car accident changed his family’s life, Austin has been living resiliently and doing amazing things in his community.  Watch Austin's Story >>

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