Mill Bond Oversight Committee

Mill Bond Oversight Ad Hoc Committee

In November 2018, voters approved additional funding for Douglas County School District (DCSD) in the form of a $40 million Mill Levy Override and a $250 million Bond Measure. In return, DCSD promised to create a Mill and Bond Oversight Committee that will help ensure that each dollar is spent as outlined on the ballot.


The purpose of the Mill Bond Oversight Ad-Hoc Committee (MBOC) is to become familiar with the 2018 Mill Levy Override and bond program and project list, monitor the progress of the improvements and programs being implemented, ensure MLO/Bond expenditures are in alignment with ballot language approved by voters, and periodically report to the Board of Education the status of MLO/Bond expenditures.

Committee Term

The MBOC will sunset after three years, with an option to extend should the DCSD Board of Education vote to do so.


The responsibilities of the MBOC shall be to:

  • Meet regularly to review progress to date.

  • Ensure that MLO/Bond expenditures are in alignment with ballot language approved by voters.

  • Participate in scheduled site visits during construction, as invited by the DCSD Chief Operations Officer.

  • Review the DCSD Chief Financial Officer’s recommendations for maintaining congruence between financial statements and identified spending of MLO/Bond funds.

  • Review the ongoing master schedule of projects.

  • Formulate a regular status report to the DCSD Board of Education.

  • Provide regular updates to the DCSD Communications Team that can be shared with the community. 


The MBOC is comprised of voluntary representative members of the Douglas County School District community (including staff and board committee representatives). Members represent a broad background of viewpoints and interests including, but not limited to public education, financial management, human resources, information technology, development/construction, architecture/engineering, and facility operations, including safety and security.  The Committee is comprised of a mix of DCSD MLO/Bond advocates as well as objectors.

Anthony Graziano, DCSD Board of Education
Wendy Vogel, DCSD Board of Education
Richard Cosgrove, DCSD Chief Operating Officer
Scott Smith, DCSD Chief Financial Officer
Irene Borisov, District Accountability Committee Rep.
Jim Maras, Fiscal Oversight Committee Rep.
John Freeman, Long Range Planning Committee Rep.
Zoe Zizzo, Student Advisory Group Rep.
Mary Jo King, Educator - Elementary
Kendra Gish, Employee Council Rep / Educator
Acacia Fante, Educator - Secondary
Greg Miner, Neighborhood School Parent - Castle Rock
Lacey Rupert, Neighborhood School Parent - Parker
Cara McLean, Neighborhood School Parent - Highlands Ranch
Robert Brawley, Neighborhood School Parent - Highlands Ranch
Sabrina DeRamus, Charter School Parent
Dennis Houston, Business Community Rep.
Kristin Baumgartner, Government Agency Rep.
Joe Robinson, Community Member At-Large
Seth Morrissey, Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Rep.