New Visitor Management System in DCSD Schools

Raptor Visitor Management System will aid school security

Visitors walking into any Douglas County school, whether to volunteer or spend some time with their child, will notice a change to the school’s visitor pass process.

In our continual effort to increase safety and security at our schools, the Douglas County School District has implemented the Raptor Visitor Management System - a system that utilizes government-issued IDs or the driver’s license of building visitors upon their arrival. The Raptor system runs the information gathered against a database of registered sex offenders from all 50 states, to ensure the safety of our 68,000 students.

Anyone visiting classrooms, joining kids for lunch, or attending a meeting or event at the school must provide a driver’s license or ID to the front office staff. The system will run a quick check, and provide a sticker that includes the visitor’s name, ID photo, and the date and time of the visit.

If a match is found in the sexual predator database during an ID check, school administrators and local law enforcement will be able to act appropriately to keep students and staff safe. The system does not run a background check against other databases, and the information collected will only be used for school purposes. Information will not be shared with any outside organizations.

One of the benefits of this system for frequent visitors is that their information will be available during their next visit.

If you have any questions about the Raptor security system, please contact DCSD Security at 303-387-0377.