Canine Inspections

For several years, in cooperation with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, district schools have used random canine inspections to check lockers, vehicles and campus grounds for drugs or drug paraphernalia. Students, staff and parents are notified in advance that this may occur sometime during the year and that there are consequences for having contraband stored in lockers, vehicles and on campus grounds. Using canine inspections serves as an effective deterrent for students who may consider bringing illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia into our schools. Unannounced canine inspections may occur at any time at Douglas County middle and high schools and may include inspections of student lockers and vehicles. Inspections may occur multiple times during the school year. These inspections are authorized by Board of Education Policy JIH. Denying requests by law enforcement or school district personnel to search student property can result in automatic loss of privileges.

What students and parents can expect during canine inspections:

  • One or two dogs may be used during inspections
  • Inspections may occur inside and outside the building
  • Lockers, vehicles and personal belongings are subject to inspection
  • If an alert is obtained on students’ property or assigned locker, the student will be contacted by the school administration or security
  • The student will escorted to the office and informed of the alert
  • The student’s backpack or personal property may be inspected and they may be asked to empty pockets.
  • The student will be escorted to their locker if they have one and the locker will be inspected in the presence of the student
  • The student will be escorted to their vehicle if they have one and it will be inspected in their presence
  • If contraband is discovered, it will be handled according to the District’s Discipline Matrix and Consequence Guidelines
  • If no contraband is discovered, the student will have the alert process explained to them
  • At the conclusion of the inspections, the parent(s) of contacted students will be notified by the school admin and informed of the inspections and outcome
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