Superintendent Entry Plan

grouping of 6 hexagon-shaped photos of DCSD kidsDr. Tucker's Entry Plan

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Dr. Tucker's Entry Plan Goals:

  1. Create a structure to listen and learn comprehensively about Douglas County School District and begin to cultivate trust and confidence through open communication.
  2. Establish a strong working relationship with the Board of Education.
  3. Study in depth the District’s student performance status and review the financial condition of the system with Chief Financial Officer and the Board of Education.
  4. Promote a culture of excellence and continuous improvement with a focus on student achievement.

Action Plan:

  1. Collaborate with the Board of Education:  The superintendent must develop a trusting, positive and team-oriented relationship with individual Board of Education members and the Board of Education as a whole.
  2. Build Community Trust and Confidence via Factual and Transparent Communications:  Create a structure for the superintendent to listen and learn about the Douglas County School District and begin to cultivate relationships, trust, and confidence through transparent communications.
  3. Review and Evaluate Student Achievement Data:  It is important to become familiar with the systems and resources available to support student outcomes. To ensure student success, data analysis and instruction decision-making must be consistent throughout the district.
  4. Develop Highly-Functioning Executive Team (Cabinet/Senior Staff):  It is essential to have a highly-functioning executive team. It is critically important for the new superintendent to “hit the ground running” in creating professional relationships with his team.