Board of Education Goals

Board of Education Goals
Posted on 03/23/2018

The Board is excited with the progress that has been made towards identifying critical areas  that define the purpose of Douglas County schools.

Sometimes referred to as “end statements” or Board of Education Goals, these include: 1) Academic Excellence; 2) Outstanding Educators; 3) Positive Climate and Culture; 4) Collaborative Relations with Parents and Community; and 5) Financial Well-Being.

On Tuesday, March 20, the board considered its proposal of successful indicators for Academic Excellence (please see below). Prior to the meeting, the community was invited to provide feedback on that proposal. Based on feedback received, edits were made and the below indicators were approved.

In subsequent Board meetings, we will continue to define indicators of success within each of these aforementioned areas, and will continue to ask for your feedback. Thank you for partnering with us to make DCSD an amazing place to work and to learn.

David Ray, Board President

Academic Excellence Indicators of Success
(Approved at the March 20th Board of Education Meeting)

A. All students have equitable access to a Douglas County public school that promotes growth in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs and builds on their strengths.

B. Academic expectations are clearly articulated and supported with an appropriate curriculum that includes content, scope and sequence.

C. Every student has equitable opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that will ensure performance at his/her highest individual potential.

D. A diverse set of educational options are provided which enables students to pursue different post secondary options (e.g. college, career and technology education, independent living, military or direct entrance into the workforce).

E. Students graduate with acquired content and cultural knowledge, workforce readiness, interpersonal skills, civic responsibility, global awareness, independent living and an understanding of the essentials for health and wellness.