DCSD invests in all new teachers by providing a high quality mentor to acquaint new teachers and Special Service Providers (SSPs) to Douglas County Schools. Inductees gain understanding and proficiency in licensing requirements, professional expectations, opportunities to engage in professional learning, and learn more about DCSD's and their school/site's mission/vision/goals. 

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Inductees participate in:

  • DCSD Summer Summit: Welcome to DCSD
  • Building level orientation
  • Building level professional learning
  • Collaborative conversations with colleagues and mentors
  • On-going self-reflection


Decision-Making Guide for Inductee Pathways

New Initial Licensed Teachers

Veteran Teachers | Out of District or State


Starting First Year of Teaching

  • New to the profession

Starting Second Year of Teaching

  • Repeat induction process with new form
  • Teacher has completed one year of induction somewhere and is in possession of induction certificate from pervious district.

In possession of a professional teaching license

  • Expectation of 1 year DCSD Induction

Has been out of the teaching profession for 5 years or more

  • Expectation of 1 year DCSD Induction 

Induction Documents

Please use this form each year (x2) for a teacher who has an initial license:
Initial License (2 year) Induction Form

Please use this form for a teacher with a professional license who is new to DCSD and will complete 1 year of induction:
Professional License (1 year) Induction Form

Please use the Request for Induction Certificate form once inductee has successfully completed induction


Charter Schools

Charter Schools submit their own induction plans to CDE for approval.

Please contact Kristin Schmidt (Coordinator in the Office of Choice Program) for charter school induction questions.

Special Service Providers

Frequently asked questions about induction for Personalized Learning/Special Service Providers



Sara Curto
Teacher Induction

Jessica Craig
Teacher Induction

Danelle Hiatt
Administrator Induction