Alternative Licensure

Alternative Licensure
Alternative Licensure

Bringing Industry Professionals Into The Classroom

In our quest to prepare our students for career and/or college readiness, we know the importance of exposing them to authentic experiences that reflect the real world tasks and expectations of the industry. 

That is why the Douglas County School District (DCSD) encourages people that hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, have worked in other industries, and who are interested in a career in education to consider the Alternative Licensure Program. 

DCSD is recognized by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) as a designated agency for Alternative Licensure.

Alternative Licensure In DCSD At A Glance

  • Must apply & accept a teaching position in DCSD before enrolling in programming
  • Two-year program that is completed while teaching at least half time in your area of endorsement
    • 225 total program hours over two years that include:
      • Monthly required workshops
      • Teaching portfolio
      • Coaching
      • Mentorship
      • Continuous reflection
  • Program cost is $6,000 for the two-year program
    • Paid via payroll deduction over 24 months for neighborhood schools OR payment arrangements through your charter school
  • Upon successful completion of the Alternative Licensure program, candidates are eligible to apply for their Initial Teaching License with CDE

Additional checklist and requirements can be found on the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website.

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