Capital Projects

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Capital Projects

Facility capital needs are identified based on a District-wide internal audit.  These audits are ongoing and are used to identify, prioritize, and estimate costs for facility capital needs.  The audits focus on factors including life safety and health, code compliance, system and component life expectancy, educational suitability, sustainability, and District growth.  The audits are used to maintain the Capital Improvement Plan, which is the basis for the Master Capital Plan.

Consultant and Contractor Information

Douglas County School District qualifies architects, consultants and contractors for most bond projects.  The District's Construction Department does not maintain a bid list. Request for qualifications, listing all required documentation and mandatory meetings, is advertised on Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing prior to each project's bid date. Actual Request for Qualifications (RFQ) may change; please refer to advertisements on Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing for project information.

Qualified Lists

Below are the Architects, Contractors and Consultants qualified in September 2018 for potential DCSD Capital Improvement Projects per the Request for Qualifications published in March 2018.  

Civil Engineer
Construction Manager/General Contractor
Commissioning (Updated 10-18-18)
General Contractor
Electrical Engineer (Updated 10-18-18)
Electrical Contractor
Landscape Contractor
Mechanical Engineer (Updated 10-18-18)
Mechanical Contractor
Plumbing Contractor
Roofing Consultant
Roofing Contractor
Structural Engineer
Survey Consultant
Testing & Balancing
Traffic Engineer

Construction Reports