Master Capital Plan

The Master Capital Plan shall serve as the posting required under Colorado Revises Statutes Section 22-30.5-104(7.5)(a), such that all charter schools and charter applicants have notice of the vacant and underused land and/or buildings within Douglas County School District. Additionally, to the extent permitted by Colorado law, this posting of the Master Capital Plan on November 1, 2018, shall begin the 90-day period by which the School Board must consider applications for use of the land or buildings. See C.R.S. 22-30.5-104(7.5)(a) ("The local board of education shall review each application for use and, in a public meeting held no later than ninety days after the school district posts the availability of the list, approve or disapprove each application for use of the building or school district land.").

2019-2020 Master Capital Plan

2018-2019 Master Capital Plan

2017-18 Master Capital Plan (PDF)

2016-17 Master Capital Plan 

2015-16 Master Capital Plan

2014-15 Master Capital Plan