Summer School for High School Students

Summer School 2020

** Summer school 2020 will be online courses only** 

Please check with your assigned high school counselor in order to register for an appropriate course or courses. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure through their counselor that the courses they take in summer school will meet their home school’s requirements for graduation, replacement credit and the impact of the course on a student’s GPA.

Online Classes

First Session: May 27 - June 22
These courses offer students an opportunity to earn credit through offsite work. Access to course software is available 24 hours a day and students will receive login information from their instructor on Wednesday, May 27. Courses must be completed by Monday, June 22, at 12:00 p.m. 

Second Session: June 25 - July 21
Students will receive course and login information on Thursday, June 25. Courses must be completed by Tuesday, July 21, at 12:00 p.m.


Registration for the June session will open on Monday, May 4. Each school will post their summer school registration form on their web site. Please turn in the registration form and payment to the individual school.

  • $225 for in-district students
  • $275 for out-of-district students
  • $300.00 for one semester (0.5 credit) of eDCSD Colorado Cyber School (additional fees may apply for specific books and supplies)
Make tuition checks payable to "(Name of School) Summer Semester." Tuition must be paid on day of registration. Cash, credit cards and checks will be accepted. Returned checks subject to a $35.00 charge. NOTE: Please check with the high school your student will be attending. Types of payment may vary. REFUNDS SHALL ONLY BE MADE IF A CLASS IS CANCELLED due to lack of enrollment (minimum 20 students). Refunds will be issued after Summer Semester ends.


Students entering 9th grade as well as students finishing 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades may enroll in the Summer Semester. One semesters elective and/or credit (.05 Carnegie Unit) toward graduation may be earned for each course taken.

Credits and Course Selection

The high school Summer School is intended to: Provide the opportunity to earn credit for courses taken but failed during the previous year; Provide remediation to improve specific skills; or Provide advancement credit opportunities through eDCSD - Cyber School. Summer high school courses offer academic or elective credit toward graduation. One semester of credit and a grade will be recorded on a student’s high school transcript. This grade becomes a part of the student’s grade point average (G.P.A.) that is used in determining class rank in the Douglas County School District. Students should consult with a counselor or advisor at their school to ensure that their selection of courses meets high school graduation requirements.

Grade Reporting

Final grades will be sent home at the conclusion the session. Parents are welcome to contact Summer Semester teachers to discuss their student’s progress.

Student Attendance

Consistent attendance is essential to course completion. Because of the length of Summer Semester classes, there are no excused absences. Any student absent more than three times will be removed from class. Three tardies equal one absence. Any combination of absences and/or tardies that exceed the above limits will cause a student to be removed from class and FORFEIT CREDIT AND ALL TUITION.

Student Discipline

THE DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE WILL BE ENFORCED DURING THE SUMMER SEMESTER AS IT IS DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL YEAR. The staff will deal with all breaches of conduct. Any student who does not abide by classroom and Summer School expectations will be asked to leave the program. A parent may be requested to pick the student up immediately. No credit will be awarded and no refunds will be given.


The Douglas County School District High School Summer Semester will be available through all of high schools. Also, eDCSD Colorado Cyber School will be offering an intensive summer semester.

Chaparral High School
Kyle Mossman - Coordinator

Douglas County High School
Casey Turnbaugh - Coordinator

Highlands Ranch High School
Deborah Lynch - Coordinator

Legend High School
Kerri Davis - Coordinator

Mountain Vista High School
Rob Ceglie - Coordinator

Ponderosa High School
Natalie Muñoz-Garcia - Assistant Principal

Rock Canyon High School
Megan Brown - Coordinator

ThunderRidge High School
Amie McCarty - Coordinator

Greg Wiley - Principal


Corey Wise
Executive Director of Schools - East Highlands Ranch

Ian Wells
Executive Director of Schools - West Highlands Ranch

Carrie Stephenson
Executive Director of Schools - Parker

Danelle Hiatt
Executive Director of Schools - Castle Rock

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