Secondary Programming

We know that the need of gifted students doesn't end in elementary school. We have resources within our secondary schools to facilitate the development of talent and assist students in creating satisfying lives.

Middle School Programming

Douglas County offers a continuum of programming options for gifted/high potential learners based on a student's areas of strength and learning needs. Students utilize higher-level thinking through interdisciplinary units and content-specific academic units. Advanced courses are designed to address the needs of gifted/high potential middle school students in two core content areas, Mathematics and Language Arts. Staff at the elementary and middle levels collaborate using a body of evidence to inform placement decisions as students transition from elementary to middle school.

In addition to advanced courses, student needs may be addressed through a variety of instructional practices which include:

  • World class instruction (Best practices)
  • Affective guidance
  • Differentiated curriculum, instruction, & assessment
  • Flexible pacing & grouping
  • Goal setting for college planning
  • Pre-assessment & compacting
  • Depth & complexity of content
  • Access to enrichment opportunities

High School Prgramming

Honors, Advanced-Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment Courses are offered in many areas to meet the needs of our high/potential gifted students. Please refer to current high school course catalogs for a complete listing of opportunities and requirements for enrollment eligibility. In addition to academic programming options, all students create a personalized pathway to ensure post secondary readiness through the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) process.