Thank you for your interest in the Douglas County School District Preschool Program.

Our program has a 30-year history of providing an innovative and effective learning environment that has proven to positively impact long-term academic achievement and social development.

Today we are proud to have a total of more than 70 preschool classrooms throughout Douglas County. 

We Value:

  • The uniqueness and learning potential of every student
  • A knowledgeable and prepared staff who promote learning and development in young students
  • The role of parents in the education of their children
  • Being a part of the public education system


In 1979, Douglas County began a preschool program to meet the needs of 3 and 4 year olds identified with developmental delays. The program meets all requirements of ADA and IDEA. The program was successful in meeting the individualized needs of the children, as well as providing a quality preschool education. Many families requested a high quality preschool experience for their children. Positive benefits were noted by both parents and staff when all children were included and educated together. In 1991, the preschool expanded the program to include community preschoolers on a space available basis, supported by community student tuition. Through an inclusive preschool setting, the learning needs of all children are met in the most respectful and positive way.

Our registration process starts online, click on the Preschool Registration box for more information. You may also contact us with any questions at 720-433-0025