Application Process

Review these STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES and UNDERSTANDINGS with your counselor PRIOR TO applying to take a CTE course:

  • Make sure you have completely read the course description and/or expectations in the CTE Course Catalog or in the host high school's course planning guide.
  • DCSD will pay tuition only for qualified students who have completed all requirements of their home high school's registration process, the partnering school's application process and the CTE application process. Acceptance is based on student application, district funds available, counselor recommendation, student attendance/behavior record and academic success.
  • Some programs may have additional non-reimbursable fees that are the responsibility of the student.
  • Complete online CTE application after selecting course. (application link below)
  • Once the application is submitted, the counselor will be notified of the submission and he or she will be asked to complete a short online form stating they support their student's decision to apply.
  • Students ARE NOT automatically accepted into a program. A limited number of slots are available for certain programs (specifically a very small number are available for Pickens Technical College).
  • Your counselor will be notified of acceptance or denial of your application.

Review Important MUST Do's:

  • Must provide own transportation to any of the programs listed
  • Must visit certain programs prior to enrollment
  • Must have parent(s) support and permission
  • Must be enrolled in a DCSD high school as a full time student
  • Must have a sufficient number of credits to graduate from high school on time
  • Must stay in program for entire term (or reimburse DCSD the cost of program)


Complete CTE APPLICATION (See your home high school counselor)
Only in-district programming requests will be considered.

*Students must know their DCSD Gmail address and password to access the application.
Students are NOT guaranteed acceptance into a program. For questions, please contact your school counselor.