GED Pathway Through D.C. Oakes High School

GED Pathway Through D.C. Oakes High School
Posted on 12/02/2019
GED Pathway Through D.C. Oakes High School

High school can be more difficult for some than others. Some students are eager to move on to college while others want to attend a trade school. For students like Ian Ewers, taking the General Education Development (GED) test can mean the difference between launching a career and not completing high school.

From an early age, it was clear that Ewers loved art. He was a perpetual doodler.

“I was always doodling on my papers,” he recalls. “My teachers could not get me to look up and learn.”

When it became apparent he would not finish his senior year of high school, he considered taking the GED test at D.C. Oakes High School. It allowed him to finish his secondary education instead of dropping out.

Mary HoffmannProfessional Learning Specialist Mary Hoffmann launched the program in 2018. Students can access free tutoring and practice tests through a partnership with Douglas County Libraries and, when they are ready to take the official GED test, Hoffmann and her staff provide the certified testing center.

Having a certified testing center in Castle Rock has made the test more accessible for Douglas County students. Prior to the center’s opening, students had to take the test in Denver or Colorado Springs, which created considerable transportation and time barriers.

Since the program’s inception, D.C. Oakes Registrar Kathy Anderson has assisted Hoffmann in enrolling students.

“It’s just a reality — school isn’t for everybody,” says Anderson. “Taking the GED is a terrific option for students who aren’t making it in high school. They get that final piece of paper that says ‘I did it’ and they can move on and do whatever they want to do.”

Twelve students have passed the test this school year, which has opened a whole new set of opportunities. Community colleges and other institutions are beginning to recognize the GED as a near-equivalent to a high school diploma.

It was perfect for Ewers, who is now turning his distraction into a career. He’ll attend Arapahoe Community College to begin the path towards earning a Bachelor’s in Business, a degree he hopes will help him open his own art gallery.

Students and families interested in the GED program at D.C. Oakes can find more information on their website or by calling 303-387-0675.

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