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STEM School Brings History To Life




At the STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch history doesn't always spark an interest with students. That was the reality facing A.P. World History teacher Owen Cegielski when he started teaching there six years ago.

So he had a thought. What if he could bring history to life? So he assembled a team of students to play a game - recreate Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and convince him not to declare war. His team consisted of a 3D modeler, an electrician, programmers, and an artist.

In a matter of three weeks the team of eleven sophomores created a talking head of the Kaiser. It responds to questions. It has emotions. It ultimately will be swayed to declare or not declare war based on interactions. Cegielski calls the achievement "an educational miracle."

The students have gained a whole new appreciation for the past. "History lives on in what we do today and that’s a lesson that’s really been driven home in this class," said Benjamin Krawciw, who came up with the concept of the talking head. No one is starting a war, but bringing history to life is pretty revolutionary. Cegielski knows "This is something that we’re all going to take away and remember for the rest of our lives."

February 23, 2017 | By ccheline | Category: Charter Schools

District News

Kim working with a student

The award wasn't a surprise to anyone at Rocky Heights Middle School except for Kim Chlumsky herself.




Banner displayed on a brick wall that says "What are your Sources of Strength?"

A fairly new partnership between DCSD’s Prevention & School Culture team and Douglas County Teen Court coordinators is providing a new path for youth offenders. Additionally, Sources of Strength— now present in most DCSD high schools and some middle schools— is establishing a healthy culture and climate with the goal of catching youth long before they fall into unhealthy behaviors or consider taking their own lives.


Cohl in Athens at World Championship game, holding a large American flag over his head

Ponderosa High School student and wrestler Cohlton Schultz has just returned back from Athens, Greece to Colorado after becoming the first United States World Champion in 20 years in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Ponderosa Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Tim Ottman led a 30-minute assembly Wednesday for Cohl, joined by Cohl’s parents, his coaches from the Olympic Training Center, his former Ponderosa wrestling coach (and current Assistant Principal) Corey McNellis, and current wrestling coach Tito Rinaldis.