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Northstar students raise funds for Wild Wings, adopt birds for every classroom

Submitted by parent Jennifer Larson

PARKER – North Star Academy (NSA), a tuition-free Kindergarten – 8th grade charter public school, kicked off its third quarter service project with a visit from Wild Wings Education of Colorado to promote this year’s school theme, kindness. Students in all grades experienced a wildlife “field trip” right in their own classrooms to learn more about the role Colorado’s native birds have on our environment. To support the organization, the school hosted a fundraiser earlier this month to raise money for each classroom to adopt a bird and provide the necessary supplies and care for each animal for the year.

The Wild Wings mission is to foster a greater awareness of the important roles that Colorado’s native birds and bats play in our environment and to promote the protection of these animals and their ecosystems. NSA's Kindergarten through fourth grade students enjoyed an eye opening experience exploring different species of owls that are native to Colorado. Students learned how physical adaptations allow these species of birds to survive in their habitat. Students in fifth through eighth grades enjoyed a presentation about the birds of prey found in the Rocky Mountain region including hawks, falcons and owls. Students were taught about the different roles of raptors and how they interact with their environment.

For a small monetary donation, students were allowed to wear crazy hats to school. NSA was successful in raising $900 and will be adopting one bird for each classroom. The adoption process helps provide continued care, food and enrichment for the birds. Each classroom will receive an adoption certificate, the bird’s biography (including information on the natural history of its species), and a 4×6 photo of the bird.

“The thing that was so cool about the birds was how fascinating they are,” said one third grade student. “Their eye sight is so much better than ours and I liked how their wings were silent compared to other birds. I guess I just liked everything.”

“The presentation by Wild Wings was both educational and gracious,” stated Kendra Hossfeld, NSA Principal. “Children were enthralled by the physical abilities of these animals and the important role they have on our Colorado environment. It also gave us an opportunity to talk about giving back to the community, and how our school can help provide support and care for these amazing animals.”

The Wild Wings special assembly kicked off the school’s third quarter service project for the year, focused on kindness. As a nationally recognized school of character, NSA focuses their program on character development that has a positive impact on academic achievement, student behavior, and school climate. Student projects as well as community service events are centered on a theme throughout the school year.


About Wild Wings Wild Wings Environmental Education ( is a nonprofit 501©(3) tax-exempt educational organization that provides unique programs for schools, scouts and other public gatherings using live animals and visual aids to promote respect for wild animals and the environments where they live. These programs meet Colorado State Standards and are taught in a fun and interactive way that connects the audience with the natural world around them. Wild Wings is able to bring a part of the wild into the educational environment, thereby increasing awareness of humankind’s beneficial and adverse impacts on the wild world.

About North Star Academy Currently celebrating its ten year anniversary, North Star Academy is an award-winning school of choice located in Western Parker, in the Stonegate community. The school utilizes the Core Knowledge sequence, an award-winning character education program and a district-recognized model foreign language program to deliver instruction allowing students to meet their highest academic potential. The school prides itself on the academic growth of individual students and has received numerous awards including the John Irwin School of Excellence Award, the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award and has been recognized as a National School of Character.

Additional information about the school’s lottery and open house events can be found at

February 26, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Charter Schools

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