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Chaparral High School wins Outstanding Colorado Arts School Award

PARKER – On Tuesday June 3 Chaparral High School was presented with the Outstanding Arts School Award during a special ceremony at Temple Emanuel, Denver.

Annually, Think 360 Arts Complete Education honors schools, whose art programs exemplify and promote high standards of equality educational Arts programming and opportunities.

“It is awesome,” said recent Chaparral High School graduate Anne Hart. “It is recognition of your entire department. How you are teaching your kids and how they are thriving.”

Chaparral is most known for its drama and music departments. Last year the school received rave reviews for its presentation of “Les Misérables” and this year the students followed it up with great performances of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons,” "Shrek the Musical" and "Miss Beth."

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“We're not the only high school that tries to tackle these things, but in my opinion anyway we have more success because of the time and effort that not only the students, but the directors put in,” Hart said. “My class was incredibly talented. I wouldn't trade the kids I was working with for the world.”

Governor John Hickenlooper congratulated Chaparral for the achievement in a letter.

“By integrating Arts education into core subject areas, and maintaining a strong Theatre and Visual Arts and Music Department, teachers and administrators at Chaparral are providing students with an invaluable opportunity for success,” Hickenlooper wrote. “We send a special thanks to Greg Gotchey for his outstanding support in advocating and maintaining a successful Fine Arts Department.”

The executive director of Think 360 Arts, Dr. Jay Seller commended Chaparral for it’s “top notch” Fine Arts programs.

“I am thrilled that Chaparral High School reaches so far to integrate the arts into numerous core subject areas, and has developed not only a strong theatre department, but a visual arts and music department,” Seller said. “The support by administrator Greg Gotchey, has been critical to maintaining such a rigorous and exceptional fine arts department within the district.”

Chaparral High School serves a population of 2,050 students with nine instructors delivering high caliber fine arts programing, with 25% of their student population participating. 

“While arts integration is not a new concept to education, Chaparral is going beyond just integrating the arts. Every teacher can work on standards from any area. The dialogue between fields is opening up and connections are being made. Arts teachers are no longer defending what is being taught or having to advocate for their programs as the integration of 21st century skills lends itself to the arts in many ways,” said Chaparral High School’s Theatre Director David Peterson.

The school officially received its award on the morning of June 3 at Temple Emanuel in Denver. The event was emceed by Belen De Leon, from NBC 9News, with keynote address by artist Andrea Moore.

Additionally, over the course of the upcoming school year Chaparral High School will receive recognition from Think 360 Arts, Arts Schools Network, and the Colorado Arts in Education Coalition, free admission for one instructor to the Institute for Creative Teaching, one day teacher arts focused workshop by CDE Arts Content Specialist Karol Gates, and a one day student arts focused workshop by a guest artist selected by the school.


About Think 360 Arts Complete Education
Think 360 Arts Complete Education’s mission is to lead Colorado in cultivating and sustaining the arts as essential to a complete education, a vibrant economy, and a dynamic community. Think 360 Arts believes that schools providing comprehensive arts education programming for their students are providing a truly complete education. A study conducted by the Colorado Department of Economic Development and Colorado Creative Industries has brought forward data to confirm that, “schools that have the arts successfully integrated into the school setting are correlated with higher academic performance, lower dropout rates, even suspending for factors like socioeconomic status and race.”

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