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Amy Lane - Director Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth
Peggy Mueller - Director of Professional Development and Personalized Learning
Tammy Whipple -  Executive Assistant
Arlene Nickerson - Assistant to Directors
Roxanne Derks - Application Support Specialist (InspirED)

Sara Curto -  Assistant Director
Jeff Mlsna - Digital Content Project Manager
David Tybor - Digital Production Project Manager
Marvin Gill - Digital Production Project Manager

Tori BeckerStrategist
Rachel Brown -  Strategist
Jill Casas -  Strategist
Jessica Craig -  Strategist
Ryan Gudmundson -  Strategist
Russell Loucks -  Strategist
Janet Merrill -  Strategist
Kirsten Sola -  Strategist
Melissa Tafoya -  Strategist
Kari Werder -  Strategist

Personalized Learning & Classified:

Melody Bishop - Professional Development Coordinator

Elizabeth Daly - Professional Development Coordinator for Personalized Learning

Jackie Feely - Professional Development Coordinator

Vanessa Hoffman - Professional Development Coordinator

Jenifer Nerwin Professional Development Coordinator

For questions about Alternative Licensure  or Induction contact Amy Lane at aelane[at]dcsdk12[dot]org

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